I have been assimilated…

Well, after fighting it for awhile, thinking that blogs are for narcissistssissts (that’s a tough word), I decided that since two of my favorite guys are on here, I’d rather not be posting comments to them as a stranger. Plus I need a blogspace to give the folks something to read while I’m in Tanzania for a month, so they don’t say “You never write!”

I’m 3 weeks and 27 pages of writing shy of getting my BA, and an interesting thing about liberal arts school as opposed to fashion school is that in fashion school they made us draw so damn much I avoided sketching like the plague forever after. But Antioch makes us write about as much as Parson’s made me draw, and well, I’m not sick of writing. Good thing too, since I’m still horribly inarticulate in most languages, so I need my writing to speak for me.

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  1. Anonymous says:


    Husband shopping again, are we?


  2. boys

    it’s always a boy that makes us do what we do, hmmm

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