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Here’s some stuff I wrote last week, and hadn’t posted….

I have moved into my homestay, and could not have asked for a better match! Jacqueline and I are very like-minded. We’re both in our 30’s, and want to remain child-free, but want to get married primarily as a cure for loneliness. Her home is much nicer than the hostel, I have a private room with a comfy queen size bed. She is from Nairobi, and two of my college roommates were too, and we got along famously, so I have a good feeling about this. We live in a small compound that is gated and guarded by a Masaii man, 24/7. Jackline’s house is a 2b/2ba, and the main house is huge, but I haven’t had a tour of it yet. It was a huge relief, as we drove up a very bumpy dirt road (and that’s understated) past numerous shanties. Farida had told us that our homestays would have electricity and running water, and these places all looked like they had neither!


Today we went on Safari, to Lake Manyara. I had seen a show about the flamingoes of Lake Manyara, and was excited to see them live, although we couldn’t get very close to them at all, since we had to stay in the car at all times, except lunch, which was on a nice overlook with a spectacular view. On the drive we saw: Impalas, and learned about their mating practices; Monkeys, Baboons, Giraffes, Hippos, and a Dikidiki. We also saw a bunch of elephants, including one that was strolling up the road ahead of us, and when we approached, he turned around, as if to charge us. So Charles stopped the car, waited until the elephant was far enough ahead, then drove. He said they will usually only charge is we disobey them three times. We didn’t want to test the limits of an animal big enough to tip a landcruiser!