Not much going on these days, just working and trying to keep my eyes on the prize (studying for the GMAT). It’s not easy, given my deep and abiding hatred of algebra. Been spending a lot of time up north, went to my brother’s wedding reception (for the CA family and friends) and that was really fun. We got to kinda blow things up. Pix here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/fetchingphotography/ Then spent a couple weeks back in LA, then back to SF for a track day at Infineon, which was amazing. I have always wanted to ride that track, and now I can’t wait to ride it again, on a much smaller bike. I was sucking ass and missing names all day, painfully slow. But it was a very cool track. Having recently spent a lot of money on things like that, and taking my bike in for service and buying shoes I simply couldn’t live without, it’s all about making money for right now.

my darling niece….a firecracker with a bottlerocket, or perhaps a sparkler. When I was getting ready to head back to LA her and her brother were slow to go inside, and Mom said “come on, unless you want to go to Hollywood…” So I asked if anyone wanted to go to Hollywood and she immediately hollered “Yeah!!! I do!”