While my short term memory has been frightfully bad lately, I have been having all these wonderfully vivid memories of past events. So it’s flashback time again. This time it’s thanks to the song “Un Beso” by Aventura. A song I’d never heard before on a CD given by my boss at PPLA. Someone else’s favorite song. As soon as I heard it, I was back on the lawn with Danio watching “Motorcycle Diaries” at ViaVia. The temperature and climate were lovely, as always was in Tanzania. I was worried about mosquitoes, being out after dark and all, and we had to sit on chairs to keep from being eaten alive by ants. But it was wonderful being together, watching a great film under the stars, with the river providing some background music in the quiet parts of the film. ViaVia was my favorite place in Arusha, just the sort of place you’d imagine hip African people would hang out at or that you’d see in CelTel ads. Good food, drinks, cool, friendly, open to everyone, not just wazungu (foreigners) or Tanzanians. I like being in a mixed crowd, so this was a good place for that. They show movies outside on Thursday nights, and have bands many other nights of the week. So many other great memories from ViaVia, the second date with Danio, the wachapaji encounter (see earlier post), meeting other volunteers from other parts of the developed world, hearing a Congolese band play classic Mexican party songs like “La Bamba” and “La Cucaracha” I even videotaped that, as it was too funny. But it was on the treo, so it didn’t turn out so good. Imagine traveling halfway across the planet to hear music I can walk down the street to hear!

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