GMAT is DONE!!!!

After months of arduous studying, claculating (without a calculator, mind you) more calculations than I had in my entire life, and basically freaking out nonstop, the big day finally arrived! Today I took the GMAT and scored a very respectable 660! that’s 37 in math and 44 verbal. Which means that I’m in the 53rd percentile with math (a miracle considering….) and 97th percentile in verbal. dude, like I know english and shit. wow. So combined, I’m in the 86th percentile, which is very sexy indeed. I think with a letter detailing how dramatically my math skills have improved since I actually started giving a shit, Berkeley might even overlook the fact that my score is still 17 precentile points below their preferred minimum. I am soooooo stoked!!!!!!!!!

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    Wow. 97th percentile is very impressive, girl!!!