WTF, mate?

in the ultra-competitive (joking here) Chapel Hill real estate market, some realtors really know how to make a place pop on the listings page.

What are these people smoking that makes them think a picture of the BATHTUB is going to pique my interest? I don’t get it. Do they think that by being coy about the property people will be more likely to contact them? Is it really that hideous? Or are they selling to a demographic for whom indoor plumbing is a big deal? What a waste of time.

Oh wait, I almost forgot, most of my readers (friends) are in NYC and CA. That price gets you not just the lovely bathtub you see, but also the 1,167 sf 2br/2 1/2 ba condo attached to that bathtub! Yes, it really does say $98 p/s.f., they’re not lying there. I just wish I knew what a few more of those 1,167 sf looked like..