Nice! Honda race bikes are acting like Ducati street bikes!

Hahahahaha! Man, it seems Honda’s reign as the world’s most reliable bikes is coming to a crashing end. Ha! That’s what they get for favoring that little turd over Nicky. For giving Poodrosa better equipment. For making the new GP bike fit an elf better than a real man. Ha! Somehow all that engineering genius seems to have disappeared from their WSB and AMA race bikes! So many mechanical DNF’s, you’d think they were British bikes or something. It’s payback time, Honda! Now if only Poodrosa’s bike would develop some mysterious mechanical problem…like maybe a much needed overall minimum weight requirement.

One Response to 'Nice! Honda race bikes are acting like Ducati street bikes!'

  1. catness says:

    I don’t hate Honda (how could I?), but I really really REALLY don’t like that little rat. I hope the universe sees fit to take him down a peg again.