Almost homeless…

Last night it was terrifying. The buyers were eager to get my counter offer, and I was freaking out. The idea of not owning a home, not having a place fer my shit, was beyond scary. I kept reminding myself that I’ll be an extremely wealthy homeless person, and be able to use that money to buy a nice home in North Carolina, but the fear still wouldn’t leave. I like my place. It’s got all my stuff in it. So as I signed the counter offer, I perused the real estate listings in Chapel Hill, reminding myself that one of those places will be mine soon enough.

Well, practically first thing this morning the buyers accepted my counter (and final) offer and it’s on! Today it’s not so scary, it’s just another step in a series of activities that make up life as a grown-up. Now I just have to pack up all my toys (after making the place even more gorgeous for the inspection/appraisal) and git along. But now I’m really happy about it, since it’s all working out so well. Timing, location, and appropriate upgrades combined to bump the value 100% in under 5 years. Awesome!

I have this quote I scribbled (years ago) on a pink post-it I kept in plain sight, not sure if it came from Rob Brezny or Lloyd Schumer (The Onion horoscopes) but it’s a lovely affirmation: “Working and saving is one way to get rich, but it’s not the only way.” I’m going to miss my beautiful place here in LA, and I actually apologized to it last night, in a moment of extreme materialism. But it really is a major creative expression, and I’m glad the buyers love all the work I’ve done.