don’t feel like writing much these days…

But here goes. It’s been a busy, action-packed month, what with all the information overload of driving cross country, then being in a new place and starting school and all. I really enjoyed being on the road, the immediacy of it all. As much as I LOVE sitting on my sofa with my cat, my laptop and my tv, I sure enjoyed packing so many new experiences into so short a trip. It was interesting, I was so engrossed in the present, I stopped having memories for awhile. I even started having serious short-term memory problems. I missed my memories, but with nothing familiar to trigger them, they were gone for a spell.

Then once I got a little bit settled in here, into the routine of school, they started to come back a little. A teacher mentioned magazine subcriptions as part of an accounting problem and I got this great flashback to the newstand on Cahuenga/ Hollywood. That was nice. Remembering looking at Urban Biker and French Vogue at 1:00 am after being out dancing, or on the way from one club to another….

I kinda feel like I don’t have anything particularly interesting to say, school is good, not too hard, which is such a relief. Met a girl last night who used to work for Dow Jones (Wall St. Journal, etc.) and we had an exciting discussion about how horrified we were at the thought of Murdoch buying them out. The last thing this world needs is for that lunatic to control our financial and business media as well. Absolutely terrifying.

Other memories that have resurfaced are more handy, like the stuff I need to know for accounting and finance classes. One of my Fellow Future Captains of Industry (tm;-) remarked that he thought I had been an accountant because I always had such good questions and seemed to really know wassup. Nah, I just sit in the front and ask lots of questions. But I’m glad I took all those finance classes at Antioch and the Math for Mgmt. class at UCLA ext. Sure made this easier, even though it just disappears from my brain if I spend too much time away from it.

Now I’m getting ready for next weekend, Laguna Seca! Packing a bunch of clothes I really don’t need here but can’t live without to store at the parents’. Also schoolwork, plus the paper I’m co-authoring with a former teacher, then gotta deal with my 4 children at the DMV, find a nicer place to live, and well, stop flirting with married men. It seems everyone over 18 in this god-forsaken town is married. Currently, anyway. 50% end in divorce, right? And I’m kind of developing this overpowering desire to learn Portugese and maybe do my summer internship in Brazil…They do have Portugese for Business classes here, after all.

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