And just because I want to flunk Statistics…

I’d rather post to my blog than study. I hate statistics.

So here’s the Pedrosa fan club meet-up at Laguna Seca. Pretty lonely, eh? Loser. To her benefit, perhaps she doesn’t know anything about MotoGP and just figured it was the right one since it’s the same colors as Hayden’s.

In other news…camping was kinda fun, although Rossi was at the hotel I was at last year, and I got to see him again, cuz my buddy George saw him and called me, so I ran out of the restaurant. I swear, he smiled big and bright as I approached, seemed really happy to see me. There’s a pic of us somewhere, gotta e-mail the guy who took it. Woohoo. Now if I’d only taken it a step further, (see previous entry) it would have made the epic and brutal airline journey all worthwhile. It was such a bummer to fly there after having the joy of riding up from LA for the past 5 years.