I can’t keep quiet another minute!!!!

This guy has ruined my once-pristine Whole Foods experience. Once upon a time, I thought I was supporting a socially responsible grocery store. No longer. The CEO’s behavior is no different than that of any self-serving, greed-based CEO in America. No surpirse there, absolute power corrupts absolutely, right?


Here’s the letter I sent to Whole Foods. Feel free to copy/paste it and send it to them too!

I will no longer shop at Whole Foods until John Mackey is fired. He must be replaced with a CEO who actually reflects the values of Whole Foods.

After reading about his unscrupulous actions regarding your nearest competitor it is clear that he does not have the level of social responsibility necessary to lead what is reputed to be the most socially responsible grocery chain.

Until Mackey is fired I will shop only at my local Co-op, Trader Joe’s, and the Farmer’s Market. Mackey is sullying the reputation of Whole Foods. Please get rid of him.

Previously Loyal and Trusting Customer,

Susanna Schick

Customer Service: http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/contact/contact.html