Boy, am I glad that’s over! For all I know I got everything wrong, but at least it’s over. 7 questions (with subquestions) in 4 hours. Now that I know the secret of taking derivatives, I will pass this on to you, as I am sure you will not be able to live another day without this information.

The derivative of a constant by itself is a big, fat ZERO. (Without you, I’m nothing)

The derivative of a constant when seen with a variable is the value of the constant. (You make me whole)

The derivative of a variable squared is 2variable. OK

The derivative of a variable cubed is 3variable squared. Man, those cubes know how to party.

Oh, and I made up an Algebra rule on the test, let’s hope it was right. The numbers seemed pretty normal, I didn’t get anything freaky, so maybe it’s a good rule and I should keep it.

Children, let this be a warning:

This is what happens when you think you can get by in life without Algebra and then decide you actually want to make money n shit.