I have nothing to say

for real. But I feel bad that I’m neglecting my blog. Exciting recent events:

got offered a 2nd interview for a rad gig!

steamy dancing with a hottie at martini bar

signed up for 2 track days- now I have something to live for! 😉

saw our fabulous b-ball team up close(ish) as they walked into the Dean Dome. Scrumptious.

almost done with a big paper, made some progress on other assignments.

only one brownie left, gonna have to make more soon.

my computer’s version of the view from my desk. (it was easier to use photobooth than using the camera or the iphone and uploading it.)

2 Responses to 'I have nothing to say'

  1. vildmark says:

    You should totally get with Tyler Hansboro, girl. Get right on that, and then report back to us.

    • pinkyracer says:

      nah, he’s too white for me. I’m more interested in my California boy, Deon Thompson… But people seem to think I should avoid men who are young enough to be my children. Why? They’re so cute, and without all that messy business of raising them…