yet another goddamn inevitable birthday. Sure, it’s nicer than the alternative, I suppose, but I don’t like having the numbers go up while I still FEEL and LOOK 29. So I’ve started being a little more coy about it, but it’s hard. I like the ego boost from the look of shock and disbelief when I tell people my real age. Since my mom looks younger than her years, without medical assistance, there’s no reason I won’t continue to look 10 years younger, or more, since I’ve done less of the usual aging things people do.

When people ask how I do it, I tell them…


1) have good genes
2) stay out of the sun
3) don’t smoke (except for those wild teen years)
4) don’t drink (ditto)
5) follow my heart
6) am child-free
7) drink plenty of water
8) use good skincare products
9) eat healthy

what I need to start doing, and really really wish I would do, is exercise!!! Someday…