Oy Vey

I should be doing homework but am so fried from herding cats and running around all crazy like that all I can do is catch up on the last 5 hours of e-mails and plan on going to bed very soon. but first, a more interesting interlude. I had this really lucid dream the other night…

I was in London, on Oxford Rd. looking for my favorite restaurant, Cranks. I hadn’t been there in years, so I figured I’d splurge and look it up on my iPhone. I have read horror stories about people using their iPhone overseas and being raped by AT&T, but I really wanted to just do a quick map check. Well. Some crazy virus got in through whatever cell network I was on, and started forcibly downloading all these MOVIES, major high-bandwidth stuff, into my phone! I was freaking out, trying to make it stop, and it wouldn’t. In the meantime, I walked across the street the wrong way, to get to where I wanted to go, and wound up walking all the way around the intersection to get back to the corner I needed.

Weird, but the sort of thing I’d do awake to not have to stop moving, if all the lights were in a certain path. So I wound up where I needed to be, iPhone still being hijacked, and slipped into a very narrow alleyway on the north side of the street. There was this familiar antiques dealer, even though this block on the real Oxford Rd. is nothing but mega-stores. So I browsed the same dusty antiques the dealer had carried back in ’89 when I lived there, and wondered why they never sold. The whole area behind the facades of Oxford Rd. was dusty, decrepit and fragile. I wandered deeper, and well, I can’t recall the rest.

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  1. gorimek says:

    This everyday anecdote would have been a pretty cool Science Fiction story not long ago.

    Remember to blow your mind now and then!

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