McCain’s babe

OK, so I only watch the Daily Show, but for all I knew up until now, McCain could’ve been single. Who knew he was shacking up with this homewreckin’ hottie? 😉

2 Responses to 'McCain’s babe'

  1. web_pony says:

    I am just starting to figure out how* Twitter/ Tweet and the like work… just out of curiosity what do you like best about it and how to you use it?

    *see? maybe not ready for such instant posting – darn spelling :p

    • pinkyracer says:

      Oh hey, So I haven’t started using it yet. I installed the app for this website, but apparently I have to go to twitter and get that too. bleh. so for now the only tweets you see on here are from the service. It’d be nice if I could just txt stuff, but I should try e-mailing from my phone more often. So I probably don’t even need twitter.