not much to say except it hurts to be back in NC. I am a California girl through and through. Even though the air in LA actually burns my eyes now, I don’t care. I miss that brown air. I want to live in a fabulous downtown loft condo across the street from Urth Caffe. And be in a city where people realize how special it is to have an Urth Caffe coming in downtown. I want to gaze out over the city nightscape from my rooftop jacuzzi, even if it includes musing over what heinous criminal the ghetto birds are tracking now.

I’ll miss the wildlife in the pond, all the turtles swimming in the sun, lizards, snakes and birds. But not the spiders. I won’t miss them a bit. But maybe I’d rather move back to Silver Lake than downtown. So I could go for vigorous walks through the hills late at night, passing people walking their dogs, completely fearless because it’s really quite safe there in the hills. Walk to Cru instead of Urth, that would be nice.

Anyway, I figured I should tell you all about Barry White. He’s the voice of God, you know. Because I know what he says couldn’t possibly be true coming out of the mouth of any mortal man. Only God can love like that, and only if I let God. Since I have always been reluctant to accept God’s love and spent my whole life (literally, my whole life) looking for a man who could love me like Barry White says he can, it’s time I realized that’s God’s job, not something any mere mortal is capable of.