omg! Shoes. and debt economics

these are the most gorgeous sensible shoes I’ve ever seen. Look at that low, sensible heel! Lucky for me, they’re out of my size.

in real estate news (some of you may recall I made a commitment to write about real estate more often, to counter the potent lure of designer shoes.) well, let’s see. prices are plummeting! even in cities I want to live in! I think if I can just keep my FICO score up and get a decent salary at a full-time job, I might even be able to buy me a nice place to live next summer. The only debt I have right now is my 1% car loan (astronomical in today’s market, I know, but how does one refi a car loan without buying a new car?), and my ridiculously high 8% student loans.

The car’s almost paid off, but the student loans are pissing me off because, hey! I’m doing my part to get the US out of this ditch by becoming a high value-added employee who will help some lucky US company find ways to make more money, responsibly.

So why is my federal student loan locked in at this ridiculous rate, yet I can waste money on short term economic stimuli like cars and junk at only 0%?