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Well. my lil’ ol’ life just doesn’t seem that interesting after all the excitement and drama of that historic election. plus I’ve been posting elsewhere. I am a regular at and have really gotten into sharing interesting articles with all my friends on facebook, along with my pithy comments about the articles. So I have less time for this free-form forum.

I’m getting ready for the big move, found a great moving & storage company- I was trying to find a super-secure storage place, as the one near my home looks like it may be home to the gypsies who beg for spare change at the corner. Trosa is an awesome organization that helps addicts and alcoholics recover, and gives them jobs. So instead of their insurance company paying for their rehab, they pay it off in trade. They have a reputation for being the best, most professional people to work with.

So I’m probably not trying as hard to find a job as I should be, but the majority of the places I’d want to work generally don’t hire this far in advance. I am applying to jobs as they’re posted, and it’d be awesome to know where I’m going to live after I graduate in May, but I’d rather know that I’m going to a job I’ll stick with than to one that’s just “ok for now.”

Lately I’m so focused on schoolwork, I could care less about having fun. I suspect the opposite will be true next semester. 🙂 I’ll only have classes on Wed. and Thur, and be doing my best to balance: being a good ambassador of Kenan Flagler, making lots of new friends, exploring the Catalan countryside on my motorcycle, visiting Paris once a month, visiting London at least once, riding the length of the Mediterranean coast from Barcelona to Roma, and trying my damnedest to keep some money in the bank.

Oh, and on the ride to the airport, Tom, Liz and I were discussing my shoe habit. Liz admonished my excess, saying there’s no Return on the Investment (shoes), but Tom immediately countered that there is indeed a definite ROI to the types of shoes I buy. I said “Yes, but the problem is how to monetize that return?” ;-P Legally, that is. Sure, women have been monetizing the ROI on sexy shoes since before sexy shoes were invented, but that’s not exactly a post-MBA gig. Although, I have heard stories of women (some might call them gold diggers) going to b-school specifically to find and catch a certain type of man. I think I’d rather suffer through all manner of cosmetic surgery than take the GMAT just to marry well! It was worth it as a means to the end of making the world a better place, but I wouldn’t have done it for any smaller purpose.

However, the quandary remains: how can I monetize the ROI on a pair of shoes like these:

I’ll have so much fun teetering through the diminutive crowds in BCN in these YSL pumps!

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