my baby Rossi

my baby Rossi from behind, originally uploaded by pinkyracer.

This is the 125 I need to make my life complete. I’ve been somewhat horrified at the level of consumption in this city, especially downtown, as it seems that everyone is shopping every day. you would not believe the crowds! First it was shopping for King’s Day gifts, and everyone was still on holiday. Now it’s the January sales.

OK, so I like to shop as much as the next Valley Girl, but really. I’m trying to consume more responsibly, for example- choosing things not made in China, so the rest of the world can have jobs too. But here it seems like the culture is all about consumption, whether it be food, drink, or stuff. Consuming a bike is different, though. A bike is a key to hours and hours of amazing experiences. And of course, it’s my lifestyle, so I must live it. 🙂

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Consumption worse than here??? No way!! It is not possible (say in Rossi accent for best results)

    That bike is sweet, and I agree that bikes do not count!

  2. web_pony says:

    oh my goodness it is CUUUUTE!!
    Want it
    want it

    now back to focusing on sustainability

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