looks like I’m movin’ into Hollywood, Barcelona

So today my roommate/landlady tells me she wants me out in a week so her cousin, who owns all the furniture, can move into my room. Not one of the other two rooms, but mine. bitch. What’s funny is that not 5 minutes earlier I was pining for the days when I had my own place, tired of dealing with her and her inability to put dishes in the dishwasher, among other annoyances. I like my other 2 roommates, but whatever. So here’s my way out, but looking for a home is never easy. Especially when all the rental agencies are closed on weekends. wtf. And I am going out of town for 4 days on Friday, so I kinda need to get this sorted by Thursday. grrr. As much as I’d like to be out tomorrow, and am willing to pay a lot more for the luxury of living alone, I don’t want to deal with the process. Whatev. I’m looking forward to sleeping in an adult sized bed again. And not picking recyclables out of the trash. The world will implode a little sooner thanks to people like Ines who insist on being so damn wasteful.

Anyway, the title about Hollywood relates to how I’ve defined the various neighborhoods here in Barcelona. Where I live now, St Gervasi, is like the Upper East Side in NYC- conservative, kinda old money. Barri Gotico and Ciutat Vella, where most of the cheap single apartments are, is just like living on Hollywood Blvd (aka La Rambla) with all the same hustlers and noise and insanity. But with bona-fide, fresh off the boat from Africa female hookers instead of trannies.

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