Scooter babes!

Scooter babes!, originally uploaded by pinkyracer.

yaaay! so after 6 weeks of bitter cold and rain and watching the entire city of Barcelona zoom around on scooters, I finally pocketed my pride and rented a scooter. This is my first time riding a scooter (except for the brief test ride on a death trap in Zanzibar), since the time I rode my Lambretta into the side of a pickup truck at 40mph without a helmet. When Roberto, the rental agent, told me my gloves and helmet were too much for a scooter (everyone wears crap helmets on scooters), I was all “not the way I ride!”

So we didn’t even rent cool scooters, but cheap plastic Chinese scooters, like everyone else rides. Britt found this cool place in our neighborhood, I almost got a discount for my helmet, but not quite.

Here we are at the top of big mountain I’ve always wanted to scale. My bike’s not in the picture. It was so much fun to finally ride around Barcelona after 6 weeks of walking and taking slow-ass public transit.

It’s so great to not have to walk past all the creeps in my neighborhood, to be able to fly through town! But watching Ben Spies KICK ASS!!!!! in WSB made me really really really want the new R1, if for no reason other than to support my homeboy in WSB.

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  1. web_pony says:

    AIGH!! LOVE THE HELMET!!! (yes, all caps was necessary – grin) I am shocked that they didn’t give you the discount. Shocked! I say. You’d think it would be compulsive in Italy.
    The pic is pretty sweet. Looks like fun!

    p.s. join us over at a WSBK community: