It’s not that I don’t have anything to say…

It’s just that I’ve been saying it in places where I know people are listening. 🙂

Here’s my article on Clean Technica about Walmart’s new sustainability index that carries the potential to basically make it impossible for their vendors to greenwash. I’m interested in seeing how this develops, especially since it will impact their competitors (who they’ve invited on board).

I am PISSED that I can’t just walk into fucking Target Greatland (more like Lameland now) and buy ALL my household cleaning products from Method. I used to be able to. Target basically put them on the map, and in a HUGE way. It was gorgeous, too. Instead of a hideous monotony of blandness, aisles packed with the same damn (I mean even the scent) jug o’ Tide, they had this rainbow of Method products. It was so rad. I want gorgeous products that are 110% good for the planet. That’s not too much to ask, because it EXISTS! Method is seriously the most eco AND most effective stuff out there. So why can’t I buy it at the same place where I can (finally!) choose from a decent selection of organic cotton or bamboo sheets? wtf? 

Yo Target- Don’t make me shop at Walmart. I’m tellin ya. get it together or I’m going straight mail order from indie online e-stores on everything.