For the better part of the past quarter of a century* I’ve managed to survive the mean streets of LA and other quiet little burgs like New York, London, San Francisco and Chapel Hill,  always on two wheels.


Pinkyracer, at your service

contact: pinkyracer at mac dot com

And I hope you’ll do the same. LA needs you to get out of your car and ride. Not just to the Rock Store on Sundays, but everywhere, all the time. Yes, it’s dangerous. But not nearly as dangerous as perhaps, life itself...

Wanna know how I do it? See the city through my eyes, every bump and lanesplit and SUV near-miss. In my videos I explain why I do what I do. Perhaps you’ll learn something that helps you make better decisions on your next ride. Perhaps your best decision will be that motorcycling isn’t for you.

It’s not for the timid, or the easily confused, that’s for sure. But if your passion for riding is strong enough to override The Fear, and your ego is mature enough to let you make good decisions, you too can become an old biker one day.

*yes, I’ve been riding longer than I’ve been alive, keep thinking that. ;-)