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Yamaha Knows How To Treat Customers!

Enjoy this video of my booty working it around the track on Saturday…

The weekend of October 12th and 13th, Yamaha sponsored their annual Owners Appreciation Event at Mazda Laguna Seca Raceway. The track days were conducted by Zoom Zoom, and awesome as always. Zoom Zoom does a great job, and Yamaha kicks down some money to make it free (if you’ve got a newer Yamaha) or $100 for the rest of us. This is a brilliant strategy from a company that prides itself on making kick-ass sportbikes.

$100/day is a quarter of the cost of a typical track day at my favorite race track. It was so fun to be back out there, and on my big boy. The Refuel event was fun, but my Zero FX tops out at about 80mph, which makes for a very boring run up the front straight. I trained a little to try and build my strength, as I knew two days on the R1 at Laguna would be a serious workout. But it wasn’t enough, so my lazy ass could barely walk by the middle of the second day. So I packed it in early, as did quite a few others. Track days are a great way to appease the need for speed, and Laguna is my favorite track to ride. You can see pictures of me on-track at

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Suzuki Girls…

GS450 In August I was asked to cover Suzuki’s 50th Anniversary party at the Indianapolis round of MotoGP. It was a lovely party, especially because I got to see the Suzuki that was my first real motorcycle. They had this nice history wall, with media highlights from all their 50 years of selling bikes in the US. You can read my story on RideApart. Before the GS450 I’d only had scooters and an MZ150, which looked like a motorcycle but ran like a very high-maintenance scooter. The GS450 was the most powerful bike I’d owned. I bought it from my friend Jaxon, who’d been using it as a motorcycle messenger. At the time I was a scooter messenger, delivering letters and packages around San Francisco on a 1965 Lambretta TV175. The Lambretta had been properly rebuilt by Barry at SF Scooter Centre, so it ran like a champ even under the hardest conditions. But I saw the messengers on proper motorcycles getting the higher paying out-of-town runs, and wanted a piece of that. In the early 90’s in San Francisco, all the cool kids rode BMWs and the REALLY cool kids rode Ducatis. I didn’t have the kind of money for either, and needed something practical. So I bought Jaxon’s GS450 when he upgraded to a bigger bike. Continue reading Suzuki Girls…

What I Did Last Weekend Is Addictive and Dangerous

Marquez making history

Marquez making history

But I’d do it every weekend of the year if I could. I’d even do it on a higher level if I could. But I’m just not that fast. I’m fast enough to get to the racetrack in a reasonable amount of time, but can’t get around the track nearly as fast as the pros. So I watch them, and enjoy the show. Making it even more enjoyable, I write about what I see for Gas2 and when there’s no electric races to cover, RideApart. Or even Jalopnik. Sometimes I also write for CleanTechnica, like this piece about the rad solar farms I saw being built on my favorite back road en route to Laguna Seca.

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Fastest | TT3D Double Feature

I was so excited about seeing these films, I thought today would be the greatest day ever. Well, maybe not as good as a track day at Laguna Seca, but still good. Being in a theater packed with race fans was awesome, as was Fastest. But the most exciting part of TT3D was the ride home from the theater…


Fastest showed two sold-out screenings at the Downtown Independent, a theater I can walk to, always a plus. It was a great movie, as I’ve come to expect from director Mark Neale. He did an excellent job of showcasing Rossi’s talent, going into detail about certain accomplishments the American announcers on Speed TV really hadn’t conveyed. But it was also a sad film. Not just for all the interviews with Marco Simonicelli, but for what felt like the end of Rossi’s career. 2011 has been the worst year of his career, and when they showed him announcing his plans to move to Ducati, I screamed “Don’t Do it!” and the whole theater laughed. Yes, I love being with my people. We understand each other. I cried openly when they read a few lines from the goodbye letter he wrote to his Yamaha, just as I cried when I first read the translation.

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2009 is on the books. 4 days. 5 craaaazy nights. Rode down Wednesday night with the flu, George and I got in around the same time, had to dine at Dennys. But then, so did half of Dorna (MotoGP staff), so that was fun. But we felt bad for them, coming all the way from Europe and eating Denny’s. Thursday I did the Day of Stars event which raised money for Riders for Health an AWESOME charity. The event was fun and I made some really cool new friends, but the stars were kinda lite. You could just show up at the auction and get just as much out of it. The ride through the countryside was nice, first leg was too slow, second leg was just right. Got complimented by our police escort “You don’t ride like a girl” 🙂

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I can wheelie!

I can wheelie!, originally uploaded by pinkyracer.

So while I should be desperately seeking employment, I’m off in Southern Spain, doing my duty to help this hard-hit economy. 🙂 It’s what I do best, really. Britt and I went to MotoGP in Jerez, which was awesome except for the part about trying to drive a car in Arcos. More about that later. Here’s the only bike I got to ride in Jerez. But it was a fun ride. Betcha didn’t know I could do such sick wheelies, didja?

The races were awesome, the weather was fabulous, and we had entirely too much fun. I need to get over being such a perfectionist, though. Britt had to suffer through my moments of angst as I got lost repeatedly. I NEVER get lost. I can usually go somewhere once and find my way back a few weeks or even months later. But not Arcos de la Frontera. That pueblo kicked my ass.

Jerez was kinda dead, apparently they usually get way more than 120,000 people showing up to the race! Actually made me look forward to Laguna Seca even more, since I’ll be on MY bike! And since Cannery row is bound to be more lively than Jerez was this year. It was nothing like Valencia. But I suspect the real party was in the campgrounds at the track, and not in town.

Suz n Britt with the Ducati construction crew

Even though I’m rootin’ for the Yank on the Yamaha this year, we all know WSB is really Ducati’s party.

Full Ben Spies Fan Club at Valencia

Here we are, with some Spanish chicks who had the good sense to bring along a giant American flag! Well, I brought the Gigsville cowbell at least. Every Texas boy needs a cowbell, no? I hope next year they have even more Ben Spies fans in Spain. Bummer about the crash, but he did a good job in race 2 on his B bike. Still need to inject that boy with some charm for his podium speeches, he’s so dry. But he definitely smiled when we made a big racket for him!

my favorite brand extension ever

travel press!, originally uploaded by pinkyracer.

Yeah, you’ve got your Swiffer deluxe that changes the pads by itself before you even realize they’re dirty, and your iPod nano with 10 terabytes and an app that actually finds you the coolest new music faster than the band can even record it. Whatever. Those pale in comparison to the coolest extension ever.

1- It’s a Bodum french press (the Kleenex of french presses)
2- It’s personalized with whatever 2D object(s) you want in there. Mine, of course, is Rossi

But best of all-
3- It’s a travel mug, and not just another BS “only works in a car” travel mug either. This bad boy can be shaken, upside down, and still retain all it’s contents. Which means it might even survive 30 minutes in the trunk of my motorcycle. I’d duct tape the spout for extra security, but just to keep it shut. the seal on it is airtight.

I have been exploring the full line of Bodum ever since I got sick and tired of replacing the damn glass every time I brushed it against a pillow. I guess I’m not the only one who got sick of those fragile things, because the Bodum store in Paris (and their website as well) has a lovely selection of metal and plastic presses.

What will they think of next???


I didn’t get nearly as many pix this year, but then, most of my friends were MIA, and for some reason George was more interested in mouthing off than being photographed with all the umbrella girls like last year. But here’s a cute pair of critters. I don’t think this girl realizes that “Viva la Figa,” a slogan popularized by Rossi, is Italian for “Pussy Forever.” But then, she could just be making a joke.

my legs hurt from sprinting across 2 airports yesterday. I’m off to the tub.