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Hair & Skincare for Bikers


Yes, we're all Aries here.

Yes, we’re all Aries here.

My ego simply adores telling people my age and seeing the look of shock on their faces. I look a lot younger than 44. After almost 30 years on motorcycles, I can tell you what’s worked to keep me from looking like  leather face in Grease.

Saving Face

First and foremost- since one year before the helmet law went into effect in California, I’ve been wearing a full face helmet every time I ride. Not only is this protective in the event of a crash, it’s also great for your skin and hair. It keeps the smog and crap off your skin and keeps your scalp’s natural oils where they belong- on your hair. Yes, hair can get a bit greasy wearing a helmet, but that’s why we have washable helmet liners! I highly recommend wearing only a full face helmet with a removable liner. Plenty of times I’ve gone too long between washings and the amount of filth that comes out is astounding. Those cheek pads absorb quite a bit of the tailpipe gunk that would otherwise end up all over your face! Most major brands have removable liners.


The main reason I’ve noticed the excellent anti-aging properties of a full-faced helmet is that my neck is starting to show my age. It’s the only part of my body that gets exposure to the elements when I ride, and the only part that has any real signs of aging. So now I’m faced with ever more costly skincare treatments all in the name of vanity. If only someone had told me 20 years ago to keep all that smog & wind off my neck! Now I’ve gotten into the habit of wearing a scarf tightly wrapped around it on every ride. Be sure to tie the scarf in a knot and tuck it securely into your jacket. When I find the cure for neck tightening, I’ll share it. Continue reading Hair & Skincare for Bikers

Freedom Cookies!

freedom cookies

I know, this is not a baking site. But! Ride to Eat, Eat to Ride. The only way to live! However, we can’t ride very far or fast (especially on the pedals) if we’re bogged down with a bunch of crap food. So I’ve finally perfected the double chocolate chip cookie. Thanks to HeatherVescent for the perfect starter recipe. Hers is great, but I needed it to be Free. Gluten Free. Sugar Free. And Dairy Free. I’ve been afraid to ditch the dairy, but finally crossed over completely. You could call these Coconut Chocolate Delights, there’s so much Coconut in them. And they are truly delightful. Trust me, I know chocolate And these are the best cookies I’ve ever tasted.  All ingredients are organic and fair trade whenever possible. Especially the boiling water… Continue reading Freedom Cookies!

Zero Motorcycles Press Intro | International Motorcycle Show

Zero FX

The FX may be the perfect city bike, but not with those tires. Those are your Saturday tires, for playing in the dirt. Get some Zero S wheels to run street rubber on this bike for everyday use.

Here’s a recent article I did for Gas2…


Zero had a massive showing again this year, with a central spot on the show floor at the Progressive International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach, CA. As press entered the show we were greeted by a pair of ladies handing us Zero brochures and reminding us not to miss their presentation.

Judging by how late most of the paper magazines were to report on these bikes, some even reporting on 2013 models when they’re all sold out, you’d have think they missed it last year. You know we didn’t. Full coverage here. And exclusive video interview with Zero owner Terry Hershner on the completion of his first (of MANY) cross-country trip on the Zero S. Oh how that bike has changed over the year! It was sad that the only Brammo at the event was the wheelie “ride” bike I saw outside near the stunt arena. The show continues in New York this coming weekend. Story continues on Gas2….

Girl On A Motorcycle | Film Review

photo courtesy of IMPAwards

photo courtesy of IMPAwards

Shockingly, I never got around to watching this film until this week. It was released 2 years before I was born, rated X, so the first 15 years of my life, I just wasn’t likely to see it. I’ve known about it since the 80’s or 90’s, friends mentioned it, and of course I’d seen That Suit. But given the crowd I ran with from age 15 on, when I started riding my scooter, you’d think it would’ve been playing at some art house or something. But nope. I saw Born Losers, which was my favorite 60’s era “Bikesploitation” flick. Until now. And not just for the flawless Lanvin custom leather suit. I’m already plotting how to make a replica with D30 armor inside instead of fur.

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An excerpt from my latest for Gas2…

I’ve decided I should start posting the articles I get paid to write, since I neglect this blog so much. Sure, you can always click on the link to the right and down, but this is easier for you. 😉 I had the privilege of attending a fireside chat with Elon Musk… (sans fire. hopefully we’ll be able to chat by the fire at Burning Man someday…) It was a great event, and it was great to see him again. I just wish we could get him on a motorcycle. The electric motorcycle industry would REALLY take off then! And he’d discover LA traffic isn’t so bad after all. 😉

PandoDaily’s Fireside Chat with Elon Musk

Tonight in Los Angeles, Pando Daily‘s Sarah Lacy interviewed Elon Musk on entrepreneurship at Cross Campus, a coworking space in Santa Monica. The conversation was great, and it was especially interesting to hear him talk about how different his risk tolerance is than Peter Thiel’s. Peter is one of the other “PayPal Mafia”, and while Elon put his $180 million into starting a few companies- $100 million on a rocket company he was sure would never make a dime, $70 million on an electric car company, and $10 million a residential solar panel installation company, Thiel chose the safer route of Venture Capital.

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Quit whining about the price of gas

How about instead of whining about the price of gas, you all do something about it? The only way to bring the price down is to reduce demand.
If I’m paying a premium to help American end its dependency on blood oil, I should be allowed to drive/ride as fast as I want.

Memories of Cheri

Memories of Cheri came flooding back when I saw a Vespa go by tonight in Valencia, Spain. The passenger wore black lace tights, like she used to on my Vespa. Practically from the day I got it, before I even had the nerve to shift out of 1st gear, she rode with me.

movin’ on up…

I just moved to a faaaaaabulous loft downtown, brand new and sexy and gorgeous. They sucked me in with the silver kitchen. Silver. In case you didn’t know, I love silver about as much as I love pink. Since pink isn’t appropriate for everything, some things I prefer in silver. Like my motor vehicles (ok, only because it’s cheaper to buy the silver one than get one painted pink, but i digress) and of course kitchen appliances and cabinets are much better in silver than pink. So as soon as it’s photo-ready, pix will be posted.

So glad I’m enjoying interesting dreams again. Last night I dreamt I was pimping out my brother Gary on some reality dating show back when he was single. For their first meeting, I made him ride up to the chick on his bike, because everyone loves a man on a Ducati. Then I was squeezing through this antique market I’ve been to in other dreams, in some unknown city. Felt like NYC when I passed Andre Léon Talley (with straight, white hair now!) and thought of him as a visitor. He lives in Paris in the real world, creative director for Paris Vogue. Then the space cleared out and that was nice. I remember being unimpressed with what was for sale, though.

Later, I met Mika Kallio, and he was Dominique Aegerter’s new teammate for Moto2. I congratulated him, and told my friend how I knew Dominique. Also, I lived in or was staying in some rambling, massive stitched-together duplex with rooms upon rooms, all partially inhabited. It was one of those old houses they turn into apartments in LA. The real kitchen had fallen into disuse and water shot up out of the hole where the faucet had been, but only if I tried to make the garbage disposal stop. Meanwhile, the owner had set up a makeshift kitchen near a couple of half bathrooms, as I discovered in my quest for a sink to rinse something out. The banquette featured an old black leatherette barca-lounger. Comfortable, I’m sure, but very strange. I’d parked my car down by the railroad tracks, and when I went to get it the next morning, it’d been stripped. Not so much stripped, as completely thrashed by some lunatic. All slashed up and broken up and things destroyed. The police said it was probably someone on drugs. you think? that part was just a manifestation of the anxiety around finding a dirt-cheap yet safe off-street place to stash the damn thing. If I pay $100/month to park it, I may as well sell it, put the money in a savings account and rent the 1-2 times/month I actually use a car…

Alt Car Expo Hits Santa Monica

Those Pesky Battery-Powered Cars

Exhibitors at the Alt Car Expo ran the gamut from cutting edge to low tech sustainable transportation. The Tango, one of the electric cars available for test drives is pictured above. The Tango claims to be suitable for lanesplitting, but I wouldn’t want to squeeze that box between the lanes of SUV’s that populate LA freeways! The maneuverability of motorcycles is critical for safe lanesplitting.

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Latest Article…

On Friday, thanks to Karen Solomon at Opportunity Green I went to this heartwarming awards ceremony, which was far more meaningful than your typical LA awards ceremony: