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ok, so it’s 2am and I’m exhausted, but I feel guilty because I’ve been neglecting my blog.

Tate modern- OMFG. I want to meet the curator and build him/her a shrine. I have not walked that slowly through a museum ever. So much modern art with meaning. Paintings with descriptions that told a story, not just this "untitled" or "square #6" bullshit. I was even disappointed by the Rothko exhibit after seeing the rest of the collection, because so what if you do interesting things with color and shapes. I want art with a story, dammit.

This one almost made me cry when I read the description: It has to do with the Middle Passage, and how some slaves who worked on ships eventually became captains/pirates.

The detail of her work was completely mind blowing. She layers paper and then linocuts it at an angle, puts some pieces together like those ornate inlay cabinets they used to make back in the day. Insanely labor intensive and so much more craftsmanship than some OCD thing of drawing a million straight lines on a wall in Beacon, NY, the home of a lot of OCD art. I also discovered another new favorite artist, Richard Beuys. He’s not new, but I guess I’d never seen his work before. Had a lovely dinner in their restaurant overlooking the Thames, and learned that "poached" means "soaked in booze" Who knew?

Other than that, I went to Camden market which is still punk mecca, as it will probably be forever, but some of the markets have been torn down and are being replaced by buildings. So it was ridiculously crowded. Found a store selling Goth Lolita clothes, with actual Japanese shop girls, so I knew it was the real deal. That was exciting, and I found a gorgeous top.

It’s bitterly cold here, weather man says 36 but feels like 27, and I must agree. Even without the wind it feels that cold. yuck. Wandered around Soho and such amazed at the fortitude of British women. There I am in 6 layers of clothing, covered head to toe, and these girls are in little dresses and strappy heels. Amazing.

This city is so breathtakingly awesome. So alive, thriving, more diverse than any city on earth, more to do, more exciting, more cool, more trendy, more fun-loving, more of everything. No wonder Barcelona disappoints me. No wonder I hated Paris the first few months I lived there. When you’ve lived in London, everywhere else is boring. I need to find me a job here. Although I’d be just as happy living in LA again, but it’s a totally different lifestyle there. And of course NYC is fab too, but their winters are even worse.

Here’s LaQueasha:

OK, must rest up for tomorrow, when I venture 7 miles outside of town to see what I came here for: 2009 model motorcycles and all the other fabulousness that is the bike show!

Because procrastinating is what I do best…

here’s this awesome picture from one of my favorite artists, Dan Witz. He did a series on the new luxury condos coming up in Brooklyn. I agree with him, but at the same time, I am one of those yuppies who hopes to buy one, thinking then I can retain some vestige of my cool, counter-culture past by living in the cool neighborhood at the “right” time. Although some would argue Williamsburg is well past it’s prime, I say any neighborhood’s still cool until the moment Gap moves in.

go here for the whole series:

Spring break in NYC

Tonight we went to some opening party for the Whitney Biennial at the Armory. Unfortunately, the Armory itself was far more interesting than the art. They shoulda done this again, so I could see it live. This is the coolest art installation EVER. It’s called “Greeting Card” and it’s by Aaron Young and a bunch of stuntas…

words here:

D&G do Chamberlain

D&G do Chamberlain, originally uploaded by pinkyracer.

Finally! A John Chamberlain sculpture I can wear!

Just saw this on NYTimes, man it’s cool. I couldn’t find a pink Chamberlain in my collection (of photos) to go with it, so the orange one will do. I’m sure the D&G dress is much cheaper than the Chamberlain sculpture, so I could think of it as starter art? nah, I’ll save up for the real thing. Someday I’ll be able to afford an artfully crushed car in my living room…

Road trip!!!

OK, so here’s the plan…

Leave LA June 12th, Stop in Vegas to watch Ka, hang out in lavish American excess for a couple days.

Pass through Phoenix quickly, making a mad dash for the artist’s colony/resort in Marfa, TX. Former location of the world’s most isolated Prada store. Spend a couple days soakin’ up some culture!

Try to get through TX without getting shot at for all my pro-choice and anti-bush bumper stickers…

Stop in that oasis of coolness, where the town slogan is: “Keep Austin weird!” (Thanks XTC for the reminder!

Visit New Orleans for the first time! Stay a few days and check it out…

OK, change of plans. No Atlanta, because there’s a track day at Barber in Birmingham, AL on June 24th. Only 7 spots left in the intermediate group, and it’s only $195!!! Who’s in? Sign up at

Then, Arrive in Chapel Hill on the 25th…

6/12 Vegas: 270
6/13 Tuscon?:
6/14 Marfa: 930
6/16 Austin: 453
6/18 New Orleans: 508
6/22 Birmingham: 342
6/24 Chapel Hill 527

Total miles: 3030

More art in New York

Went to the Kara Walker exhibit at the Met and it was awesome. Made me cry. Made me think about how no matter how hard life in Africa may be, at least (in most countries) they don’t have to live with 400+ years of racism and didn’t suffer the horror that was American slavery. It’s interesting being back, in NYC I felt as if I’d never left, even though I hadn’t been there since last summer. Shopped till I dropped, walked all over town, ate fine food, forgot to go to 4040 club, but otherwise did all the things I’d dreamt of doing there while living the simple life in Tanzania. It felt kinda weird to walk down the street unmolested, no one even looking at me. I had to remind myself not to look into other’s eyes or smile at random strangers as we passed on the street. While New Yorkers aren’t half as rude as reputed, in fact they’re downright nice, most will still get real nervous around a smiling stranger.

Jet lag is kicking my ass. I wonder if I’ll ever feel energetic again. Yesterday I got a lot done, unpacked, did a million loads of laundry (Yaaay, machine-washed clothes!!!) and by the afternoon made it to Trader Joe’s. I had been fantasizing about TJ’s, I had a moment in Tanzania when I pictured myself standing in the entrance area, arms outstretched to give the entire store a big hug. By the time I got there, I was so tired it was all I could do to get what I needed and get home. It felt really good to ride again, though! I was worried that I might have been rusty, but it seemed to come back right away, even the level of attention necessary to survive LA traffic. Took a disco nap this afternoon, hopefully I’ll be able to disco down and shake my bootie.

Zaznibar pix are here…

Mostly museum pix, but some nice shots from the snorkeling trip, and lots of cute kiddies and kitties. It feels great to be back in NYC, except for the jet lag. Got to see the Whitney Biennial, which was awesome. Yes, there are always some artists that make you go “hmmm, who’d he/she blow to get into this gig?” but then there are some magnificent works as well, that make you go “hmmm, I wish I was super rich so I could buy this damn painting.” Someday…

Now it’s time for you to guess: was this photo taken at the Whitney, or at the museum in Zanzibar, which is not an art museum at all?

And here are pix from the Paris flea market, which I was so happy to be able to burn through in my >20 hours in Paris. In 3 hours, I ate a real crepe, bought some nifty yet grossly overpriced stuff, considered sleeping with the owner of this shop, (it was his idea, of course) in exchange for a stuffed crocodile, or really anything. It was the absolute cooolest place I’d ever seen. And to top it off, I found the leather jacket I’ve been looking for for months! It had to be adequately protective, as all my friends worry bout me riding in unarmored jackets, and it had to look cool and sexy. Oh, and be reasonably priced. Check all of the above! Pix of it in action when I return to my beloved, who has been patiently awaiting my return while bound securely to my garage floor.