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Sign on Franklin St.

Sign on Franklin St., originally uploaded by pinkyracer.

It’s official! I’m gradumated. 🙂 Need to go to sleep now, but had to post tonight’s pics first. The full force of what I’ve done hasn’t quite hit me yet. It almost did on the way to school, when I thought about the first semester, and how I almost didn’t make it. Thinking about how I got through that and managed to actually graduate from one of the best MBA programs in the world got me a little choked up. But I didn’t want to mess up my makeup, so I thought about how I still need to find a job. 🙂

My peeps:

I’m going to continue missing everybody as I did while in Spain. Never before in my life have I known such an intense level of camaraderie. I feel like I am leaving my 286 best friends.

my kinda homework…

For Innovation and Product Development we had to make a “Chindogu”- an invention that you think will solve a great problem, but also would never actually use. Now I know this seems horribly cruel, but neither of us knew how uncomfortable they’d be until they were on. And as soon as I cut the video, I took them off and threw them away, like a proper Chindogu. I’m sure there’s a more humane way to keep the cat from scratching the carpet…

Oh yeahhhh!!! It’s ON!!!

I am so into the whole UNC/Duke rivalry thing. I love it! Here’s an amusing little video about it, based on the mac ads……

I’m a Duke, I’m a UNC (MBA)The most amazing videos are a click away

OK, the Drama continues….

Woohoo!!!! I am so happy to still be in the running for UNC!!! C’mon North Carolina! Not only am I excited about the opportunity to go to such a prestigious school, but the real estate there is practically free. I could actually MAKE money by paying cash for a $100k 3 bedroom townhouse and bringing in a couple roommates. Ideally fellow MBA students who won’t mind helping me figure out my math homework in exchange for which I’d help them with their writing assignments. And still have a lot leftover to start up a company or put as a down pymt on a place somewhere else.

Dear Susanna:

The MBA Admissions Committee at The University of North Carolina’s Kenan-Flagler Business School has placed you on the waiting list for the class entering August 2007. There were many highly qualified applicants in the pool, and we were unable to admit immediately many excellent candidates.

Your candidacy is important to us, and we would like to consider your application again in the next admission round. Decisions for that round will be issued on March 12, 2007.

You may elect to stay on the waiting list for further consideration, or you may withdraw your candidacy. Please let us know your preference by sending an email to Sharon…

We cannot predict the number of waitlisted applicants that will be admitted, but we expect to admit a significant number. Last year, eleven percent of the admitted applicants had been previously waitlisted. For more information about the waiting list, please read the enclosed Frequently Asked Questions About the Waiting List.

We appreciate your interest in UNC Kenan-Flagler and look forward to your response.


I HATE waiting!!!! The suspense is killing me!!!!! The “notification deadline” mentioned below is 1/29/2007. 14 days from now. I want to know nowwwwww. I was patient enough for the first two months, but since January began it has been increasingly difficult. Luckily they spell it out in no uncertain terms. “…we ask that you please refrain from contacting us to request an interview.” So I know not to call them up and say “Hey, I think my e-mail’s acting weird, can you send that invitation again? Like on paper?” hehe.

“If you are selected for an interview, you will be notified via email anywhere from 4 weeks after submitting your application up to the notification deadline. We will not begin to interview Round 1 applicants until January.”

Meanwhile, I’ve started a new math class, just for kicks. It’s an MBA math prep course and I’m in love with the teacher. He’s a retired business magnate with a Doctorate in Business Admin, and a very sunny disposition. He says that if you think math is hard, it’s just that you didn’t have a good teacher. I always wondered if that was the reason I only understood Algebra with that teacher I had while hospitalized in high school. I though maybe it was some weird brain chemistry shift, considering all the changes I was going through in there. But no, it must have been the teacher.

Let’s just hope that Mr. Hong can break through that wall of resistance I keep banging my head on every time I look at quadratic equations. Because if I have to be hospitalized in order to understand this stuff, perhaps I’m meant to be doing something else. Like selling the condo, loading up the 4Runner and roaming Africa….

…with my laptop, my malaria pills and my fucking hand sanitizer….to quote Leonardo di Caprio in “Blood Diamond” He was insulting a writer, accusing her of being “one of those UNICEF people, trying to save the world” and damn if he didn’t nail it. In Tanzania, my cohorts and I all had our malaria pills, hand sanitizer, (toilet paper) and some of us even brought our laptops.

In other news, I’m beyond obsessed with Dr. Who. Like to the point where people might worry about me. I’ve seen “The Girl in the Fireplace” episode 3 times now. 2 were within 24 hours apart. I want to make a movie of what happens when Madame de Pompadour joins him to travel the universe, building and decorating her way through a million galaxies, while they live madly, passionately in love…

This one’s for North Carolina…

C’mon and raise up!

A little Petey Pablo to get ya in the mood…He was my first taste of the NC, after all. Literally. But that’s another story…

I went to the Triangle (Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill) to interview at UNC a week ago. It was very pretty, lots of trees. Amazingly liberal. Like a little oasis of progressiveness in the desert of the bible belt/ South. Mostly took pix of cool bumper stickers. This is the first “Impeach Bush” sticker I’ve seen besides the one on my helmet. The area was way more progressive and political than LA. But then, it is a college town to the 4th power. Not much else to do there but go to school and do homework, which makes it very appealing as a place to be educated. One big reason this place kicks ass is the astoundingly low cost of real estate. While I’d be paying out the ass to live in SF or even Berkeley/Oakland, I could actually MAKE money living in Chapel Hill! And have a much nicer place to boot! Like a brand-new 3 bedroom townhouse with a 2 car (that’s 8 motorcycles!!!) garage for a measly $110k!!!!!

Went to a UNC b-ball game, which was amazing. My first college game and wow, do they play better than the Lakers! Saw pretty much all there was to see of Chapel Hill, Carrboro (kinda like Silverlake, artsy and hispanic, but without the great shopping, and massively cheaper) and Durham. Then tried to get a taste of Raleigh, but could only find the part that resembled every other tired-ass state capital I’ve ever seen. What is it about Government being the main gig in town that seems to suck the creativity out of a city?

Couldn’t find the actual sign, but a funny fact is that Durham is the sister city to Arusha, Tanzania!!! It was so weird and exciting to discover that, and then buy Tanzanian crafts in a fair-trade shop in Durham. I wish the sister city program was more useful though. I scoured their website and it didn’t seem like they were doing anything particularly meaningful for Arusha.

GMAT is DONE!!!!

After months of arduous studying, claculating (without a calculator, mind you) more calculations than I had in my entire life, and basically freaking out nonstop, the big day finally arrived! Today I took the GMAT and scored a very respectable 660! that’s 37 in math and 44 verbal. Which means that I’m in the 53rd percentile with math (a miracle considering….) and 97th percentile in verbal. dude, like I know english and shit. wow. So combined, I’m in the 86th percentile, which is very sexy indeed. I think with a letter detailing how dramatically my math skills have improved since I actually started giving a shit, Berkeley might even overlook the fact that my score is still 17 precentile points below their preferred minimum. I am soooooo stoked!!!!!!!!!