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pobre mio. I just realized I’d been looking at the 2008 GP calendar, and that I’ll only be able to make one GP while in Europe. Quel triste. At least Laguna’s on 4th of July weekend so I know I won’t miss that!

On the bright side, Valentino Jr. is adjusting well to his new (temporary?) home with his grandma and grandpa, so I will not have to worry about him while I’m in Spain. He is chilling on my bed right now, even though he has a disturbing preference for relaxing under the bed (a tight spot for a cat of his size) all day. At least he acts like a normal cat at night.

My parents just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, and the party will continue in La Jolla this weekend, when the whole family schleps down there to help them celebrate the actual day. I’ve been in more of my parent’s weddings than I have of my own (2 or 3 to 0). They’ve renewed their vows a few times, and this time we had quite a large cast, what with my brothers, their wives, Dave’s 3 kids, my mom’s sister, my dad’s niece, and my cousin. My cousin Diane and I, being the single ones, marched down the aisle arm in arm just like the married couples. That was fun because not all of my parent’s friends know Diane so we were fake lesbians for a moment in a traditional Episcopalian church.

Christmas was nice this year, we had a lovely adult brunch at Gary & Colleen’s, the highlight of which for me was tormenting their adorable dog Roxy. Roxy has a thing for light, she’ll chase any sort of light there is, and a laser pointer drives her into a complete frenzy. Colleen made me stop before I gave the poor thing a heart attack, as dogs aren’t exactly prone to indulging in fun in moderation. But it was so fun watching her chase that thing all over the house. I want a dog so bad.


Possibly for the first time ever, I didn’t ask for or want anything from my family. Most likely, this is due to the significant pile I made in real estate 6 months ago, and the ability it has given me to spoil myself, but still. It was nice to not have to go through the whole drama. I didn’t even have to stress about being the only single person on Xmas AM while everyone else was with their SO’s, because my mom invited me to volunteer with her, and we got to think about other people at what has been my least favorite time of the day, since my brothers got married. I was happy and just enjoying the day, for a change. Toward the end, though, I wondered (cue Peggy Lee) “Is that all there is?” Adulthood. It’s just not as exciting as being a spoiled little brat, at least not on Christmas.

Atlanta, in the springtime…

I really should have more to say these days. Been busy livin’ it. I’ve been in NYC for a few days, and in ATL since Thursday AM. Met a family of 3 kids whose father unequivocally convinced me to get permanent birth control, even if I never have sex again. Saw what JFK might look like if all of NYC suddenly decided to leave at once. Both were excellent reasons to never fly Delta again.

But before all that, I had some fun in NYC, spent a lot of time with the elusive Eunice, and got to visit with some other friends I don’t get enough of, which was awesome. Met the spawn of Jennifer & Peter, who is the cutest 6-month old boy I’ve ever met. I think it’s cuz he gets to hang out with dad all day. Not that mom is bad company, just that I think he digs doing guy things with dad, and being one of the guys, you know. It’s so cool. Met Allyn and Matt’s spawn, who’s only 2 months old, so I tried to keep my distance.

You see, I have this nasty sinus infection I got psychosomatically from listening to Erin tell me about the one that almost rendered her brain dead, and necessitated some Matrix-esque device to scoop out the nastiness, followed by having her deviated septum repaired, then a week spent with maxi tampons up her nose. I have been avoiding this fabulous experience for years now. After all, I have a perfectly good mouth I can breathe through. She said the infection was exascerbated by the deviation. Whatever. But if anyone knows a DAMN GOOD Otolaryngologist in LA, lemme know. I should have Blue Cross pay for it before I move out of state, since they denied me coverage due to this “deviated septum” pre-existing condition. So I continued their coverage via Cal-COBRA, instead of switching to individual. Fuckers.

OK, so ATL is gorgeous as always. I love it here. I seem to usually come in springtime, and even though the pollen count is something like 5,000, I don’t care. It’s gorgeous and I’m only allergic to golf, I mean grass, anyway. Someone on Metroblogging here pointed out that “It’s so gross. It’s like the trees are basically having sex all over us.” But I don’t think it’s gross, I think it’s awesome. More love from the trees, please. And if they’re trying to dump enough pollen-bombs to overpower all that we’ve done to overpower them, I say more power to them! But then, I don’t have vehicles parked outside.

Went to Martin Luther King center, which was difficult because I get all choked up at the slightest reminder of what he and so few other brave souls went through to secure civil rights. It was beautiful though. We went across the street and toured the original Ebenezer Baptist Church he used to preach at, and if I can get up early enough after a Saturday night in ATL with lots of fresh young college basketball players running amok, I’ll join my parents at the 11:AM service tomorrow.

Tonight was a big party for Colleen’s parents’ 50th wedding Anniversary. 50 years. They first met when she was 13, he was 15. Fell in love, got married, living happily ever after. Amazing. My parent’s 50th is next year. They’ll be 74. 50 years from now, I’ll be 87. That’s almost 90. Perhaps gene therapy will enable me to still chase after (and catch) basketball players… Or perhaps I’ll actually do that whole falling in love and living happily ever after thing. People don’t understand me when I say that. They think I mean life will be a bed of roses. I know it won’t, no matter what, life does have its bad times. But the couples I refer to as “living happily ever after” (and I know a few of them) are able to meet these challenges together, and wouldn’t dream of abandoning their partner, nor would they fool around on them. It’s really beautiful to see.

Aaahhh, Alice’s….

Being in Frisco for the weekend, with my bike along for an impending track day, I simply had to go play in the canyons, as I usually don’t make the time for that. And usually prefer sleeping in. So this time my brother Gary and I got to fire up the beasts and head up to Alice’s for a delicious brunch. But first, a pit stop for air, as I’d been running on 22/25psi for quite some time, too lazy to bother getting air. I’d been using the lack of air as an opportunity to develop a greater appreciation for how perfect my bike is. I used to have a bike that turned as heavily/poorly all the time. But of course one doesn’t go play in the canyons with anything that might diminish the joy of the experience.

I was freezing by the time we got to Alice’s, as it was ~54 on 33 under all those damn trees. OK, the trees are gorgeous and I love trees, I really wish there were more of them in the world, just not hoovering over the road I want to ride in the winter. Alice’s serves a side of minced raw garlic, (upon request, as their t-shirts say “Have anything you want at Alice’s”) which was super delicious on everything, the omelette, the hash browns, all of it. I put my nylon shopping bag that I always keep in my “trunk” under my jacket to stop the wind coming through the perf. Much better! Then we head out down 84, which was amazing. Every single car we approached, even the ones with SF city parking stickers who are notorious road hogs, pulled over shortly after we approached! It was incredible. We went left somewhere, the road to Huddart Park, and wound up in Pesdacero. We stopped and did a little shopping with all the other tourists. Bought a nice laboradorite rock from the old guy with big rocks, who was really cool.

Here’s Gary, making sure none of the guys come up and talk to me….

We continued north on Stage road, which was really fun. One of those “I can pretend this is a one-way/ racetrack until I come to a blind turn.” roads that I love so well. I had let Gary lead until Pescadero as he’s gotten much faster (unless I got much slower) and wasn’t the least bit painful to ride behind. But I led from Stage Rd and it was so much fun to pretend I was in the IOM TT or one of those Irish road races. Coming back up 84 was fun too, until we came upon a group of ‘tards (OK, one of them was on an RR, but that doesn’t say much) following dutifully behind some loser in an Avalanche. through some awesome curves, I might add. After a day of having cagers respectfully pull over to let us pass, this was too much. I didn’t want to be that asshole that picks her way through a group of riders in traffic, but I sure as hell didn’t want these losers messing up my ride. Making it worse, the last one of the group of 3 was fat. I have been known to do some pretty drastic things to get past the fat guy I was racing against. On a 2-stroke 250, less weight = more power. My big goal one season was to get past the fat guy, just as I’m sure many of my slower competitors made it their goal to get past the chick.

Finally enough space opened up ahead of the truck that I totally knew I could make it before anyone could come through the next blind curve. I was right. I felt kinda bad for Gary, as he had to stay with them until we met up at 33, but he said he sure appreciated the show. Yet another example of why liter bikes rule. If I’d been on my 450cc ‘tard, (which is for sale, BTW) I would have had to shift gears like 3 times to get enough speed to make that pass. Might have had the torque, but not the power. Power is nice. We headed back to San Mateo, and I stopped by to visit the critters. Nicholas is speaking English now, which is so exciting. He’s had this language of his own he’d been using with us, and it was kinda hard to understand him. Claire was happy to see me in my pink racing suit, and I let her play with it by kicking and hitting the padded bits. Stephen was building a new Star Wars Lego spaceship. It was nice to check in with them, even though we didn’t get much time to play on this visit. Last time I took them ice skating and to Wendy’s, so I don’t feel too bad.

Tomorrow it’s off to Buttonwillow for some more fun…

Oh, and I’m now a member of Motorcycle Bloggers International! Go here and vote on various things, it’s a fun poll, with links to some other awesome blogs about riding….


Not much going on these days, just working and trying to keep my eyes on the prize (studying for the GMAT). It’s not easy, given my deep and abiding hatred of algebra. Been spending a lot of time up north, went to my brother’s wedding reception (for the CA family and friends) and that was really fun. We got to kinda blow things up. Pix here: Then spent a couple weeks back in LA, then back to SF for a track day at Infineon, which was amazing. I have always wanted to ride that track, and now I can’t wait to ride it again, on a much smaller bike. I was sucking ass and missing names all day, painfully slow. But it was a very cool track. Having recently spent a lot of money on things like that, and taking my bike in for service and buying shoes I simply couldn’t live without, it’s all about making money for right now.

my darling niece….a firecracker with a bottlerocket, or perhaps a sparkler. When I was getting ready to head back to LA her and her brother were slow to go inside, and Mom said “come on, unless you want to go to Hollywood…” So I asked if anyone wanted to go to Hollywood and she immediately hollered “Yeah!!! I do!”

Saturday Night in Atlanta…

I am so glad my brother dragged me out here, rescuing me from the clutches of a brutal Los Angeles winter. It was so cold friday night it actually SNOWED in Malibu. That’s not right. So I arrive in ATL at 7PM sweating in my bomber jacket. Sweet! Took Gary out for his last night of freedom, with some help from our friend George who happened to be in town on business. It was great, we ate caribbean food, then went clubbing, winding up an early night at a strip club called Cheetah that is very different from Cheetah’s in LA. It was almost more like a nudist colony, there were so many nude women standing around, it wasn’t even titillating.

If they’d been shaking it more, or if there had at least been a pole, that would have been more exciting. A strip club without a pole is like a Ducati with stock pipes. Boring. George met some soap opera star who comes to Atlanta to moonlight as a stripper, and I fell in love with the little pro shop. Right by the door, there’s a shop that sells all the gear a dancer could need, just like the pro shops at ice rinks of my childhood. I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic, in that little room filled with spandex and special purpose footwear. Sigh. Lots of sportbikers here, making me really want to be sure I have a bike with me when I come back in April.

Sleep Inn kicks ass! Freeeeee wifi and dsl, and fast too! Too bad it’s in a boring part of town. In other news…I spent the last two nights on my fabulous new bed, and wow. It was so comfy I just lay there soaking it in, not sleeping very deeply because it felt so good, I wanted to be conscious of it. Yet I woke up easily. Can’t wait to get home and test it some more. Vale likes it too, I don’t kick him out of his favorite corner anymore.

Shotgun Weddings

So my brother calls me up today and says “Whatcha doing Sunday? Doesn’t matter anyway, since you’re coming to my wedding, in Atlanta!” Well, I had been planning on doing that in September, with everyone else. But, disgusted by whole wedding industry, the bride and groom decided to elope. No, it’s not that kind of shotgun wedding, he’s fixed, so if she’s preggers there’s gonna be some ‘splainin’ to do!

So they’re getting hitched this weekend at her dad’s birthday party. I told him he has to let me be his flowergirl again, as I was at his first wedding, and I am sick and tired of being the fucking bridesmaid. Lucky for me, one of my closest friends in the world happens to be in ATL right now, so I may be able to railroad him into being my date/suicide watch. Weddings are sad when I think about how badly I’ve always wanted one, to no avail. Yes, I know, marriage is not a walk in the park. But knowing that only makes me less likely to even try.

In other news, I turned in my last paper today, I sure hope they like ’em!