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I want one!!!!

I saw this as I left the office today, down in the Arts District. It’s proud papa is Marcus from ZVO, they make these gorgeous HYBRID!!! bikes! It’s gas/electric, not gas/pushbike, so cool!!! He said it’s rumored to be capable of 60 mph, which on those tires (assuming the front tire is as skinny as that back one) must be crazy!!! I so want one. It’s the perfect antidote to my dirty little habit. Yes, the sustainability consultant has a penchant for fast and dirty high-powered race bikes with unfettered exhaust systems…

not much to say

Except that the worst of it is over. Appraiser came today, told my realtor “Oh hell yeah, this place is worth what they’re paying, no doubt!” Yaaay. The buyers wanted some credits for a few things, it seriously pisses me off, but really it’s a drop in the bucket. I can’t wait until it’s really all over, it’s so stressful, worrying about if for some reason it doesn’t happen. But at the same time, I don’t want to move. I like my home. But it’s too far from school. And I need the money to pay for school. Not for shoes, dammit! It’s been rough, I’ve been battling that empty feeling. Coupled with an “OMG, there’s no land beneath my feet, I’ve had the earth pulled out from under me!” feeling. So I’ve been craving Barneys. I have this shiny black card and if I pay with it, I get to pay 21% extra for shit I really don’t need and feel like a complete patsy for doing so. It’s a card I got in a moment of Shoephoria. It was worth it (because I paid before the end of the month), but I’m glad I haven’t used it again.

Been working. Keeps me out of trouble. But it’s really boring. Got a little bit more interesting today, but I still want to do something else. Not sure what, besides buy shit I don’t need, can’t afford, and will have to schlep 2500 miles. Almost played hooky every day this week, esp. today. But couldn’t think of anything better to do except get in the way when the appraiser would come over, and well, I knew that would be a bad idea. A friend said he might join me for the road trip, that’ll be nice.

Got some totally hot guy calling me up and wanting to hang out, but I’m so not in the mood. I realized tonight, while thinking about it, that I don’t fall for individuals based on their own unique qualites so much as I fall for their potential. Does this guy seem like someone I’d want to spend the rest of my life with? Does he seem like he’d want to spend the rest of his life with me? OK, so in reality, those ones scare me. But I’m not even attracted to the players anymore. And I’m always so quick to find fault. I’m officially old. I think this time, I’ve lost my libido for good. We’ll see what happens when I’m at a school with a basketball stadium right next to my department’s building…Cuz it always comes back to height. Maybe the nasty tagging habit would be less offensive if he were a lot taller?

Stop burning our park!!!!

Motherfucker. Lemme at him! I’ll show that bastard what happens to scumbags who destroy the single greatest source of oxygen in this oxygen-deprived city. If I had the power, I’d reach down his throat, tear out his lungs and rip them up into tiny pieces. Then perhaps he might understand the importance of oxygen, and why we all enjoy breathing so much. I took this picture on the way home from work today. I assumed it was some careless, stupid smoker, but apparently it was some terrorist loser asshole trying to ruin it for the park and for the rest of us trying to eke out a living in this semi-arid desert. Only my flue is open, and I can smell the smoke, even though it’s blowing away from where I live. Or was an hour ago. I hate when people burn trees, and this is the THIRD fire we’ve had in Griffith Park this season, and it’s not even summer yet! Grrrr.

More here:

Here’s one of the park in happier times, after a big rainfall:

Almost homeless…

Last night it was terrifying. The buyers were eager to get my counter offer, and I was freaking out. The idea of not owning a home, not having a place fer my shit, was beyond scary. I kept reminding myself that I’ll be an extremely wealthy homeless person, and be able to use that money to buy a nice home in North Carolina, but the fear still wouldn’t leave. I like my place. It’s got all my stuff in it. So as I signed the counter offer, I perused the real estate listings in Chapel Hill, reminding myself that one of those places will be mine soon enough.

Well, practically first thing this morning the buyers accepted my counter (and final) offer and it’s on! Today it’s not so scary, it’s just another step in a series of activities that make up life as a grown-up. Now I just have to pack up all my toys (after making the place even more gorgeous for the inspection/appraisal) and git along. But now I’m really happy about it, since it’s all working out so well. Timing, location, and appropriate upgrades combined to bump the value 100% in under 5 years. Awesome!

I have this quote I scribbled (years ago) on a pink post-it I kept in plain sight, not sure if it came from Rob Brezny or Lloyd Schumer (The Onion horoscopes) but it’s a lovely affirmation: “Working and saving is one way to get rich, but it’s not the only way.” I’m going to miss my beautiful place here in LA, and I actually apologized to it last night, in a moment of extreme materialism. But it really is a major creative expression, and I’m glad the buyers love all the work I’ve done.

Condo for sale…

Well, after much toil and trouble, what with clearing out all the junk I can’t live without, cleaning the heck out of the place, and then trying to get a 1G video compressed to a size that doesn’t make it look like a retarded blur, I finally got it!

So here it is, folks.

Chez Moi. For sale. If you have to ask how much…. ;-P No, just kidding.


oooh, I’m feelin’ thirsty….

Been catching up on my Grist reading today…While I enjoy the Grist, and generally believe what they tell me, I do like to see trusted sources at the bottom of each article. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for this article. While it’s obvious to anyone living in the southwest that our use of water here is totally unsustainable, it’s nice to see scientific proof and all that, to strengthen the argument. The LA Times is a complete rag, and NY Times is known for being kinda lefty, so I’d rather point to sources that are more likely to be accurate. But still it’s a topic close to my heart. So here’s the link to “Environment News Service,” for what it’s worth:

and the link to Grist:

meanwhile, back at the ranch…

The hills are on fire. Suck ass. I hope everyone’s OK and that the trees recover well. Apparently evergreen forests need occasional fires to free their seeds from the pinecones, and otherwise do them good. Right? (forestry experts please chime in here, Lon) Great POV here on WorldChanging, kinda touches on the water issue.

In case you didn’t know, water is imported into LA from NorCal. All of it. We don’t make our own. OK, so we might get some from Bear Mountain, and we have a few reservoirs that catch what little rainfall we get. Oh, then there’s the waste water we recycle and DRINK. That’s sourced in LA. Yum. Sure, it’s super-mega filtered, so no fear of Giardia, but damn. With underground aquifers drying up all over the country and snow falling at record lows in recent winters, it won’t be long before Octavia Butler’s post-apocalyptic vision of SoCal comes true. It’s in “Parable of the Sower,” and it’s an awesome book.

but hey, what do I care? I’m moving to a place where there’s so much water the air is thick with it, and trees don’t need fire to help them pollenate. Mmmm, humidity!

Oh what a night…or two

Knowing that my freaky LA lifestyle is going to be the one thing I’ll miss the most when I’m living in a small, bucolic southern town, I have been livin’ it up. It’s “Fashion Week” here in LA, which means that all the local designers who can’t afford to show in NYC are holding fashion shows here. Even though their Fall ’07 collections have already been in NYC showrooms for the past month, as that’s the place to be if you actually want to sell on a global scale. So it’s hard for me to take LA fashion week seriously, but the parties sure are fun. An acquaintance of mine decided to produce a bunch of shows with parties as well, and it was amazing how well he and his crew pulled it off. You’d never have guessed it was their first time, except for the nonsense of having everyone wait in line out front. Sure, we did that for Galliano, in Paris, but that’s Galliano. Jared Gold was exceptional, though. A beautiful collection which could easily have held its own in NYC, and maybe even Paris. The setup was cool, they held the shows in the basement of the Los Angeles Theater, which is gorgeous. Not a basement in the traditional sense, more like a below-ground ballroom. There was also an art gallery of BOX Eight (the organization producing the show) artists, which was cool.

The crowd was interesting, and I ran into some great friends. Annick and Susie forgot to eat before drinking, and it was my dinnertime, so after the shows we went out for chinese, where Susie and I reminisced about working in the back room at Rozae, and talked about her possibly buying my condo. Then we went to Annick’s place for the perpetual after-party. She lives in one of those slick converted loft buildings, a whopping 300 units taking up almost a whole city block. Each unit used to be someone’s office, with the original doors and frosted glass hall windows! On the roof, there’s a lovely courtyard, as the center building is shorter than the surrounding buildings of this behemoth. On this deck there’s a pool, jaccuzi packed with screeching drunk college girls, cabanas with fireplaces and even a dog run! The only thing missing is a proper delivery service. Were someone to open a 24 hour grocery/deli and deliver all night, they’d make a fortune. I scared some guy who was hitting on me when I walked over to the nearest chair, picked it up (it’s one of those giant mission-style rocking chairs, kinda heavy) and carried it over myself. He said “Whoa! I ain’t gonna mess with you!” and “I was going to offer to do that…” Jeesh, I will not miss these pathetically insecure LA men one bit. It’s a chair. I wanted to sit in it. If I spent my whole life waiting for some man to realize I needed something then offer it to me, I’d have died of starvation long ago.

Saturday night started with a trip to the roller rink with a bunch of friends, and I couldn’t resist channeling Xanadu. Photos forthcoming. I hadn’t skated on quads since 8th grade, so it was interesting. Too slippery, though, so I was pretty careful. Until a couple hours into it, when I somehow managed to body-slam myself to the ground right in front of the cute referee. He helped me up and I had him hold my hand and lead me to the exit. It only took one spill to dash my hopes of becoming a derby doll. That shit hurts! No way I could be as tough as those girls. I’ll stick to motorcycle racing, it’s much safer. The rink was lame, though. We all know that tube tops or short-shorts and rollerskating go together like air and sunshine, right? Well, not at this dive. Two very attractive young ladies were ejected for wearing tube tops! That’s just wrong. After the skating crash, I dropped Ulrich off and continued south to the Brewery for XTC’s going-away party. It was a lovely party, but I was beat from my crash and just lounged on the sofa reading an old Playboy. They had stacks of early 80’s Playboys, which were especially entertaining regarding technology. In 1983 there was some home computer system called “Adam” that had a whopping 80K memory which could hold a massive 250 pages (double spaced!) of text! And it could play video games. wow.

I love technology. Smalls and I had been arguing about it the night before at Annicks’. He’s got some crazy notion that technology is holding the entire human race from living up to its fullest potential. Some nonsense about we have 44 personality chromosomes (what the hell is a personality chromosome anyway)? and are supposed to have 46 (!there’s Rossi’s number again…always popping up, even the gate my plane landed in after my last trip..!) by now based on someone’s BS idea of where we should be and when. He said that by using technology to “think for us” we are holding ourselves back. So if that’s the case, then the 2/3rds of the world’s population who don’t even have flush toilets, much less computers, should be freakin’ avatars by now. But no, they’re too busy trying to figure out how to not starve to death, one day at a time. Jeesh. One thing I will say is that consumerism holds us back, and at one point it seemed Smalls was mixing this up with his argument. People who do not spend their lives in search of fulfillment, but rather recognize the joy and wholeness in their lives are the ones who have truly advanced.

OK, back to the parties. Even though I was dead-tired, I couldn’t resist another fashion party, especially as I was all dressed up. So I showed up and gave Peter the CD of pix I’d taken the night before, found Annick, met some of her friends, met some cool guys, drank some delicious mint water (Metro, as in metrosexual), watched a good band (Dangerous Muse), and talked to a fashion photog who has an MBA from Harvard! It was cool, because he said UNC was right up there with Harvard, and that B-school’s super easy after the first semester. We’ll see about that. It better not be too easy, I won’t have so many fun distractions, except perhaps the extremely young basketball players in the UNC stadium conveniently located right next door to the business school! ;-P

Somebody Else’s Problem Field

Remember these from “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe”? It’s a sort of electronic device that generates the idea that the object it is hiding is just “somebody else’s problem.” Well, I’m gonna make some and sell them to the freakin’ CHP. Car crashes are absolutely nobody’s business but the people involved, yet people just can’t drive by a crash without looking, no matter how big the separator on the freeway.

So I figure it’s time we started giving these sheep the impression that it’s really nothing worth looking at. Some kind of opaque hologram of smoothly moving traffic would be adequate. Just stick it on the divider so people who have no business slowing down WON’T! I’d get one for my bike too, so I could just park it anywhere without worrying about tickets or theft.

People were moving so slow and the wreck was so unusual I actually broke my Golden Rule and looked. A truckload of brown glass bottles had overturned, spewing glass all over I-5. I hope it still makes it to the recycling plant.

One down, Four to go…

Finished my paper on Democracy. Basically just talked about some articles I’d recently read, showing how we’ve kinda run full circle back to a form of tyranny not unlike the tyranny we escaped from 230 years ago. I was very happy to see that both Time and Harper’s magazines had articles asking the American public what I’ve been wondering for a few years now. Why don’t we just impeach the brat? And his trigger-happy sidekick, while we’re at it? Jeesh. How much more are people willing to put up with?

In other news, the sun is out so I get to ride to Santa Monica instead of taking the cage. Like most SoCal riders, I’m deathly allergic to rain, and convinced that my bike will melt if I take it out in the rain. I used to know how to ride in the rain, hell, I even used to race in the rain, but not anymore.

Survived a rare trip to Costco yesterday. While they didn’t have what I actually wanted, I did pick up a lifetime supply of cotton makeup pads and kiwis. Made Heather drive, even the shopping cart. We almost gave in to the temptation to look at people’s pix. It’s so tempting, they’re all there, and no one would know. When we were ready to, there were a bunch of people looking at pix, probably not their own, either. In any case, judging by how little I enjoy looking at Costco customers, I doubt I’d enjoy looking at their pictures.

Arrived home to see my bulk order of grain-sweetened organic chocolate chips had arrived. Because I went through the 10lb. order pretty fast, I decided to splurge and buy 25lbs. of pure chocolate heaven all at once. Should last me about a month…