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my favorite brand extension ever

travel press!, originally uploaded by pinkyracer.

Yeah, you’ve got your Swiffer deluxe that changes the pads by itself before you even realize they’re dirty, and your iPod nano with 10 terabytes and an app that actually finds you the coolest new music faster than the band can even record it. Whatever. Those pale in comparison to the coolest extension ever.

1- It’s a Bodum french press (the Kleenex of french presses)
2- It’s personalized with whatever 2D object(s) you want in there. Mine, of course, is Rossi

But best of all-
3- It’s a travel mug, and not just another BS “only works in a car” travel mug either. This bad boy can be shaken, upside down, and still retain all it’s contents. Which means it might even survive 30 minutes in the trunk of my motorcycle. I’d duct tape the spout for extra security, but just to keep it shut. the seal on it is airtight.

I have been exploring the full line of Bodum ever since I got sick and tired of replacing the damn glass every time I brushed it against a pillow. I guess I’m not the only one who got sick of those fragile things, because the Bodum store in Paris (and their website as well) has a lovely selection of metal and plastic presses.

What will they think of next???

CSM idea of bike gear

CSM idea of bike gear, originally uploaded by pinkyracer.

Central St. Martins, ostensibly the greatest fashion school in the world, apparently does not teach user-centered design. When asked to design “The Ultimate Motorcycle Gear” the students came up with the most ridiculously un-motorcycle nonsense imaginable.

I don’t care how talented you think you are, if you can’t listen to your customers, you’ll starve in the street. Which I guess is what’s happening to all the CSM grads who don’t become famous.

Oh, and that is indeed the inimitable Tyson Beckford disrobing in the video. 🙂

Old Indian Lady at Bread & Butter

Old Indian Lady.JPG, originally uploaded by pinkyracer.

So I went to this fashion trade show here in Barcelona, scouting interesting new labels for my friend’s store in Atlanta. It was fun to play “buyer” without the responsibility of actually placing any orders. And it was nice to know that I’m not the only one who’s sick and tired of Ed Hardy.

It’s funny, I was reading a piece on some branding blog about how the loudest ones are the weakest, and whaddya know- Ed Hardy, or rather Chris. Audiger enterprises, had by far the largest booth, but whenever I told their competitors I was looking to replace them, I was told I wasn’t alone in that. They have limited themselves to a very specific style that’s so recognizable it’s inevitably faddish.

Yet if the loudest is the weakest, the quietest isn’t necessarily the strongest. Is it? What are some really quiet/polite brands/ad campaigns that you like?

Oh, and yeah, I thought it kinda strange that L’uomo (Men’s,Italian) Vogue would have this old Indian lady on the cover. Then I realized who it is. Man. He looks about a million years old.