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OMG. I’m so beat

Currently glued to my sofa in my new apartment. Going backwards: 3 1/2 people (I was the 1/2, since I was paying them) spent 2 hours unloading the truck. Which arrived at 8:30 AM. Dropped Yaron at train station in Durham. Slept at LOVELY Hampton Inn. Sushi dinner in Charlotte, a really cool little city. Drove (Yaron did, actually) through a kick-ass major thunderstorm. More than once, as it was goin’ our way, and we stopped to get Yaron some cowboy boots in Commerce, GA. Where we met the next Marilyn Monroe. Adorable 17 y.o. whose mom seems to have her on a very short leash. Very amusing. Spent the night in Atlanta with Bob and Sheila, amazingly delish brunch at Alpha Soda. Yum. Missed fresh veggies after being in the deep south where they sure know how to ruin vegetables. Esp. at Cracker Barrel, where we had dinner the night before. My god. No wonder all those people are 300+ lbs. and hate vegetables. When they’re used to having them ruined, I can see why they choose the junk food.

Barber. More about that later. Motorcycle heaven. Wish I had the stamina to ride more than 4 sessions. Wish I lived there. Want to have my wedding there. A nice ceremony in the museum, overlooing the track, in conjunction with a track day there. Looks like I won’t be missing Laguna as much as I’d feared.

Didn’t see Birmingham, but rode from NO to Jackson, MS so Yaron could give a friend a ride to Jackson. It was fun being on the bike again, and we had a nice lunch in Jackson at the Beagle Bagel, where their chicken salad is poised to take over the world. MMmmm. Poor bike is seriously thrashed, though, from being outside in all the storms we drove through. Kinda makes me wish I had a van. Not sure how I’m gonna deal with leaving all my children out in the elements all the time here. NOBODY seems to have indoor or even covered parking around here. I took my ipod nano out of the car and it almost burned a hole in my back pocket, after only 2 hours. no bueno. apt. is fine, some of my stuff is damaged from the move, gonna hire some pros next time.

Rob Brezny sez….

ARIES (March 21-April 19): We’re almost halfway through 2007. It’s time
to take inventory of how well you’re capitalizing on this year’s unique
opportunities. So let me ask you, Aries: Have you been making
reconnaissance missions into previously forbidden territory? Are you
seeking adventures beyond the borders of your known world? I hope so. I
hope you’re blowing your own mind on a regular basis, both by exposing it
to ideas it has never dared to entertain and by seeking out exotic
experiences it has no precedents for.

Ummmm, yeah! I spent almost a week in Texas and actually liked it! Even met a bunch of people I really liked, and even the people I met in the “regular” towns (Not Austin or Marfa, liberal oases) were nice. As for exotic experiences, well, I should get out and see more of New Orleans, but for some reason I just want to stay in my hotel room. Wandered around the Arts district today, got an awesome mani/pedi, went out on the town with Yaron and some locals. But left after only one set cuz Jazz kinda bores me to death. Yet I even walked right past a reggae club, as one of my favorite songs poured out onto the street. New Orleans is definitely “beyond the borders of your known world” but I’m not quite brave enough to seek adventure here. Not sure what it is. Could be the press coverage. Could be it’s such a drinking town (being a motorcyclist, I like to be off the roads when the drunkards are out). Could be I just long for the New Orleans of Anne Rice, knowing that reality can never come close. Bleh. No point trying to define it, it’s just a feeling.

Baton Rouge- New Orleans Wednesday

We stopped there for the night, and it was really weird. All the hotels were full, yet the receptionists had no explanation. Just that lots of people go there for business. Anyway, we finally got a room at the Microtel, which would have been nice, but it was a smoking room. Which would not have been so bad if it smelled of smoke. But it didn’t, it reeked of some carcinogenic airfreshener. Even the floor was greasy with the stuff. It was hard to breathe, and we couldn’t open the window.

Got up early to visit Yaron’s friend at her job. She’s a strength coach for the LSU athletes, primarily football and basketball, so we got a grand tour of the football facilities, and even got to watch some hunky football players working out and lifting weights. It was hawt. Then we happened by a very busy lunch spot, figured it must be good, and had the best hushpuppies I’ve ever eaten (not like I’m an expert in huhpuppies or anything) and a delicious catfish po’boy.

We arrived in NO in the afternoon, and it all appears fairly normal. Of course it’s been almost two years since the catastrophe, but as outsiders it’s still the biggest news out of NO. Bourbon Street is back to what it probably was before, a bunch of drunken tourists and extremely loud music blaring from every club, only now the t-shirt shops are filled with fema and other Katrina-related tees. Hey, if that’s what it takes to rebuild an economy…

Now I need to get out of my deluxe and fabulous room here at the (deeeply discounted post-post-Katrina rate) W hotel and explore a bit.

Austin Monday, and Tuesday

Took Yaron to SoCo for a little more shopping. It’s so great, all the shops are completely different. We had a delicious brunch, worked up a sweat walking in the sun, then went to Barton Springs for a nice, cool dip. It was great! Barton Springs is a small lake created around some natural springs, it’s a lovely place to be on a hot, humid afternoon. Later we met up with Wubba, Rose, and Katy and drank iced coffee on the porch, then went for a rockin’ ride in his LeSabre convertible, to have dinner on a lake, it was so fun!

This morning we got up early. The worst thing about using an alarm clock, is that it usually cuts off a dream in mid-sequence. So there I was, in the middle of getting my Tarot cards read in Los Feliz, after having walked around my old hood there for a bit, when I was rudely awakened. But it was good, because we were able to get it together and leave Austin in time. Arrived in Baton Rouge at 9pm to find that 90% of the hotels are fully booked. I thought it was some kind of conspiracy, so I had Yaron call some, and we eventually found one. It reeks of air freshener because we got stuck with a smoking room. bleh. Drove through a ton of bad weather and traffic, but we made it.

Austin Sunday

Phew! Finally caught up. So this morning I got up at the crack of dawn. Well, OK, more like 10:30. Rode out to 2222, a road I’d seen mentioned in some forums I found online. Don’t seem to be many riders here, but the road was pretty enough. Did a little loop then headed downtown for much-needed breakfast and coffee. Ate at Starlite and was snubbed by the chick at the door, who forced me to eat at the bar even though the empty tables stayed empty the whole time I was there. Whatever. The food was awesome even though the service sucked. Asked the hippest looking chick working there where the cool shopping was. She sent me to SoCo, aka South Congress St. It was great! Kinda like Castro and Haight combined but much cleaner and less crowded. Bought some stuff from local designers and artists, and really enjoyed walking around there. Met a chick named Angel with a wonderful fairy tale. More about that later, it’s 2:30 AM, about time I hit the sack…

Austin Saturday night

So cool. So fun. Such a wild party town. So much experienced in so few hours. Met Joe Bob Briggs at a screening of “Mom and Dad” at the Alamo. It was so cool. He presented and explained it, it’s this old exploitation film that was billed as “sex ed” in the 40’s and 50’s. Yet they don’t actually educate anyone, except about how babies are made, and the vile effects of syphilis and gonhorrhea. Nothing about condoms, though. So sad. But the scary part is that half a century later, most Americans are being taught pretty much the same thing. “Be a good girl” Like, when she got knocked up, all anyone had to say was “She’s in Trouble” and everyone knew exactly what was meant. Crazy. Only one guy, the smartest one in town, said “What kind of trouble?” Jeesh

OK, Marfa.

It’s so cool. Go there. It’s worth it. Great art, more than you can see in one day. The world’s most isolated Prada store. Everyone is so nice and so interesting. It’s like a little piece of Europe in southwest Texas. Thunderbird Hotel was awesome. Even smelled like a super nice hotel I’d stayed at in Spain. I’m going back in Oct for the big shindig. If school’s not too busy…

Fell in love with John Chamberlain. He has all his own crushing equipment and artfully crushes cars and spray paints them a little. Gorgeous.

New places

Saw Hoover Dam and Lake Mead for the first time. Gorgeous. Only time I’ve ever been happy to get stuck behind a slowpoke. Crashed at Yaron’s friend’s place in Phoenix. Got on the road and figured we’d make Marfa by 5. Didn’t realize we’d be passing so many time zones, though. Chick in Las Cruces told us it was 6 hours to Marfa, and we thought she was crazy. It took us only 4 hours, but we lost 2 in the time zone changes, since we’d left AZ on Pacific time that morning. The drive was great, especially since Yaron did most of it. All about Marfa tomorrow….it’s a wonderful place…

So far behind…

OK, 1st entry: Vegas. something like 24 hours. Saw Ka, it was great. Did a little high-end shopping, even got some Gaultier tops I might be able to wear with a suit. Walked a lot. Got blisters. Hit the jacuzzi. Hung out with Rachel, who had a tough time finding raw vegan food, as all other types of food make her sick. So she posed in front of Canter’s just for kicks.