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because I’m busy being lazy and doing as much of nothing as I can before I start work =:-O tomorrow, I give you this link….

One year down, one to go!

So the first year is OVER! I feel like celebrating, like there should be some huge party. But I also feel like doing nothing more than watching the new Dr. Who season opener and eating the chocolate-dipped strawberries I picked (can’t do that in NYC, SF, or LA!) and dipped all by myself. And packing for 2 weeks in South Africa! And reveling in the fact that I have absolutely no homework due for quite some time.

Pictures from the fashion show I produced are up:

An awesome weekend…continued

On the local tip, there was a lot of fun to do this weekend. Friday night was Asia Night, a food and performance extravaganza put on by our Asian classmates. The performances were awesome, and it was so great to see my classmates doing creative stuff. Here’s the only video up so far, it’s the intro.

The following night was the MBA prom, which is different than high school prom in that the girls (now grown women) didn’t feel obligated to have a date, (although plenty of single guys seemed to materialize a date for the night) and we got to watch the game. Because it was held during a march madness b-ball game, we made sure to have it at a place with TV’s this year. We had a giant projection screen at the bar and a couple TV’s and it was so much fun to watch the game while eating delicious food and chatting with my friends.

Afterwards, Ebony and I went to an awesome party in Durham where there were plenty of very attractive men. The problem was, only the really short ones wanted to dance with me. bleh. Maybe next time I’ll wear a t-shirt that says “Go climb another tree.” There’s plenty of other things I’ll compromise on, but not (ok, this commercial for male enhancement just came on. Why don’t they use that same technology for head-toe height?)

OK, so it was a fun weekend, even though it was cold and wet, I had to go to school for 2, yes two, group meetings today (Sunday), and the dress I tried to throw together in time for prom (in <6hours) didn't come out quite the way I'd planned. The meetings were actually both fun and productive, and the dress will give me something to work on in short bursts, now that it's mostly done and needs some burst of genius to make it amazing. And I'll undoubtedly have some other event to wear it to. Plus I got to see the cliff hanger Dr. Who episode I'd missed because Time Warner Cable should die a miserably painful death. 🙂 oh, and to top it all off, I found a way to get my ass to yoga class. With 5 minutes to go, coming up with excuses on top of excuses to not go, I thought the thought that always drives me to the right decision: "which would you regret more, going or not going?" So I went. And it was great. I need to use that more often.

Ah, the glamorous life…

Here in North Cackalack. This is from our sworn arch-enemies, but I must admit, it’s awesome. And true, to some extent. Most B-schools have an average of 30% women. Which I like, because I get nervous if I’m in a room full of women. I remember leaving some clubs in NYC because the doormen went too far with the girl ratio and it was like being at a knitting class or something. Enjoy!


Man, that last one was brutal. But then, everyone else said it was too, so I’ll go with “social proof” as my answer. I just hope letting the teacher know I was at the b-ball game last night wasn’t a bad idea. I did study a ton, it’s just that I swear I’m dyslexic when it comes to numbers. The calculations just dance around on the page and I can’t remember what goes where and the pressure! I’m just so glad it’s over and next mod is going to be much easier. Plus I’ll finally get to take the classes I really came here for! Sustainable Enterprise, Global Context of Business, etc. Much more interesting to me.

But not before 2 fabulous weeks in CA with the ol’ family of origin. I plan to escape to LA for a few days, stopping in Big Sur at some point for some much-needed R&R. That’ll be nice. Well, I think I should turn this giant black rectangle on and see what it’s been holding for me over the past month. I should rip some shows and watch them on the flight home, as I’ve been a good girl and watched almost no TV this mod.

cross posting this from one of the smart guys:

My Operations Exam experience

If yours was anything like mine, you’ll probably find this funny…

(read in order)






Why didn’t they have this program so I could apply to it??? It’s right up my alley! Man, I would have rocked that joint! ;-P



Perhaps because “master’s programme in mathematics in finance” sounds a bit dull, New York University’s Stern School of Business is advertising its new joint degree as the “super-quant degree”, whose holders will be able to get jobs on Wall Street faster even than a speeding bullet might. Students enrolled in the programme, co-hosted by Stern and NYU’s Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, will earn both an MBA and a master’s of science in mathematics in finance, in only three years, by taking courses at both institutions.

The programme is scheduled to commence in the autumn of 2008. Courant notes that while work experience is not required for admission (prospective students must apply to both degree programmes separately), they do expect to find in each good applicant an understanding of multivariate calculus, linear algebra and the Gaussian distribution.

hahahahahaha. just kidding, duh! MY school made the news much higher on the list, and with much more interesting news. Instead of teaching us how to help a few rich people get richer, we’re doing stuff like this:

Providing solutions

The University of North Carolina’s Kenan-Flagler Business School has joined an initiative to provide greater access to safe drinking water. The Carolina Global Water Partnership, an alliance between the university’s schools of business and public health, is charged with exploring ways to increase the availability of new technologies, such as ceramic water filters. Kenan-Flagler hopes to help identify ways in which private firms, including entrepreneurs working with microfinance loans, might be able to facilitate distribution. The first phase of research is tentatively set to take place in the Mekong region of South-East Asia.

OK, no more of this nonsense

Halloween is over, no more traveling until Xmas (except maybe a short wknd dash to NYC before that, if I get all my HW done in advance). I am going to be the nerd I never dreamed of being, for at least the next few months. I thought I was working hard enough, but wasn’t. Grading on a curve. pfft. whatever happened to judging people on their own individual merit and fabulousness? Well, I gotta play the game and swim twice as hard to keep up than I thought I did, in math anyway.

Yesterday I came back from the smallest, most un-glamorous academic conference I’ve ever been to (OK, it was the 2nd academic conference I’ve ever been to: ) but there were some awesome papers in the proceedings, and even a few good presentations. I am really excited about this one where this guy is trying to develop a more accurate way of measuring a country’s openness to trade. But I won’t bore you with the details here, you can read all about it:

Our paper was well-recieved, and I’d be overjoyed if it gets published in the journal. It’s so funny hanging out with all these teachers, being a student. I know I’ll teach again, but not until I get a lot more work experience, and try some things I find challenging, like consulting. OK, eat, then more HW…

Net Impact Conference

The King and the Princess.JPG, originally uploaded by pinkyracer.

Was amazing. Funnest moment: IDEO workshop. Best speech: Yvon Chouinard. Most Awkward Moment: Calling people I know by the names of people they spend a lot of time with. Most Uplifting Moment: A textile sourcing specialist from Gap, Inc. saying he thought that an 11% increase in cotton prices could be absorbed, and not passed on to the Gap shopper. Perhaps my devious plan of ending US cotton subsidies through boycott by major end users will work, after all. (evil laugh of someone more interested in the greater good than the special interests of a few wealthy corporations)

Private Parties

Howard, Dalton, Suz.jpg, originally uploaded by pinkyracer.

“The Fragility of Desire” meets Dr. Love and that inimitable Playboy again… This was at our private school party at some club with an awful DJ. But he did play at least one song off my iPod for me, and he also played “The Time Warp” which was a real time warp for me (see earlier post) OK, enough fun with the new (to me) flickr tool. Gotta get to Macro on time tomorrow, I’m sick of being late!

How, Suz, Tom

How, Suz, Tom.jpg, originally uploaded by pinkyracer.

Just another day in the trenches here at b-school, with a rather favorable girl-boy ratio. Here I am with my favorite chick magnet and devilish playboy. My costume? I better write it down this year, because I usually don’t, then have a hell of a time trying to remember the name. This year: “The Fragility of Desire” (on Friday, not this pic) This pic is from the actual day, on which I was “Beethoven’s 5th Gold Digger” (it’s a mashup)