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One week into this….

and already I’m sick. 🙁 Strategy teacher was coughing all over me. OK, so it’s not cool to sit in the front row, but I didn’t know it could be bad for my health, too! Not as much icky math this mod, but a ton of reading, all of which I intend to do. As well as ALL the suggested practice stuff for Finance. I am determined to emerge from this process an EXPERT in corporate valuation! It’s an interesting challenge anyway. Went out to the halloween party even though I should have stayed in bed. It was kinda worth it. I got to wear some of the stuff I love but never wear because people don’t get it. So my outfit told me it represented “The Fragility of Desire” so that was my costume. Because desire is indeed so terribly fragile. The slightest character flaw can completely ruin a new love. Even though the dj sucked, he was nice enough to play a couple songs off my ipod. And he also played Time Warp, which was amazing. I can’t believe it was 22 years ago (near a quarter century!!!) that I was rockin’ out to that…

Flashback time:

Growing up in Suburbia, USA was painfully dull, and I wasn’t old enough to (drive) get permission to go into the city (San Fran) every weekend, so I’d sneak out, take the last bus to the mall, and watch the Rocky Horror Picture Show. But I didn’t just watch it, and of course, it’s not just a movie. Somehow I managed to wrangle myself a spot on the “cast” as Magenta, so there I was, 14-15 years old and rockin’ out in front of an audience in my black lacy/sequin undergarments. It was so much fun! The regulars I performed and hung with were so great. I always got a safe ride home. No idea why I never pursued a career in performing arts. Well, all the world’s a stage, really. Especially during recruiting season. Jeesh.

What happens in Hotlanta…

Stays in Hotlanta. Man, it was interesting though. I could write about the things I saw at Twisted Taco that night. But it would be pure fiction… 😉 Not like it was anything particularly unusual, just a bunch of hard-working people unwinding. I mean, really unwinding.

I think my description (backed up by the reality at the bar) of Atlanta as “filled with gorgeous, desperate, single women, and with more strip clubs per square mile than any other US city” did more to influence the unmarried guys to come work in ATL than any of the presentations we saw. One even told me so; that after a night at the Twisted Taco, ATL seemed like a much more attractive option than it had.

Not sure I’d want to be a single female there, but it’s a fun city and it sure was nice to have brunch at the Flying Biscuit. I won’t be staying at 5 points again, though. It was like Fulton St. in Brooklyn, but with an overpriced boutique hotel. And the taxis charge a flat rate of $8 for any trip within the city center, so the 3 block ride to the metro cost as much as a 10 minute ride to somewhere else. Jeesh.

rough week so far…

Finals. Already, yes. It’s so much fun being tested on subjects I completely suck at. I have about an undergrad level of understanding in Finance, but we were tested at the graduate level. And it hurt. I knew what to expect, but still. I just hope that really hard question was to separate the High Pass students from the mere Pass students. But for real, I should know how to value projects based on their potential cash flows. That’s kinda important. So I ran home crying, ran out of gas, found out someone hadn’t done a favor they promised me, and that my new Time Warner cable box has not solved the plague that is NC Time Warner. Fucking monopolies. Oh, and of course the fuckwads who “fixed” my bike (Triangle Cycles, Durham, NC) gave it back to me with about 1 liter of coolant GONE. Then they act like I’m making it up, or it’s my fault. And they left my bike out in the rain while it was disassembled, so there may be water in the engine, and who knows how much exposure the electricals got. I want to kill them but instead I have to do my best to use the influence tactics I learned in leading & managing, as they’re rumored to be much more effective than the influence tactics I learned growing up in a typical American family.  Happy Ending to that story, thanks to their excellent managment! They did a little more research, admitted fault and did a complete flush/fill for FREE!!! I didn’t even have to beg! Now that’s what I call service!!! I was so impressed, and so glad I don’t have to start schlepping my R1 someplace farther!

Anyway, it’s a new day now, full of hope. Accounting is my 2nd favorite subject because it’s so not about math. It’s about finding a place for everything and putting everything in it’s proper place. A pastime I have always enjoyed. Then there’s micro. which doesn’t even matter, because no matter how hard I try, I am still penultimate in the points and since we are graded on a curve, and 3-5% of the class must get L’s that means I must be getting a Low Pass. Well, at least I have NYC and ATL to look forward to next week…In the meantime, here’s a nice happy picture of me and my boyz at MotoGP this past summer.

Git yer war on…

My friend Vildmark just turned me on to this, and I love it! More here:

But these are my favorites:

So I survived th Deloitte Case Competition. It was an amazing test of teamwork and endurance, but we did it. I’m really proud of my team, especially because I didn’t have to barricade the door like some women did (seems men are more likely to throw in the towel?). My team struggled through the “let’s give up” phase while I had stepped out to change and feed the cat at 6am. Lucky for them, they called me 15 minutes before the deadline to tell me they wanted to give up. I guess I expressed the depth of my wrath effectively, because they followed my instructions and went ahead and submitted it. I haven’t stayed up all night since I was a wee one, and I’m so glad we saw it through to the end.

there was something else, but I forgot. I’m going back to sleep now.


Boy, am I glad that’s over! For all I know I got everything wrong, but at least it’s over. 7 questions (with subquestions) in 4 hours. Now that I know the secret of taking derivatives, I will pass this on to you, as I am sure you will not be able to live another day without this information.

The derivative of a constant by itself is a big, fat ZERO. (Without you, I’m nothing)

The derivative of a constant when seen with a variable is the value of the constant. (You make me whole)

The derivative of a variable squared is 2variable. OK

The derivative of a variable cubed is 3variable squared. Man, those cubes know how to party.

Oh, and I made up an Algebra rule on the test, let’s hope it was right. The numbers seemed pretty normal, I didn’t get anything freaky, so maybe it’s a good rule and I should keep it.

Children, let this be a warning:

This is what happens when you think you can get by in life without Algebra and then decide you actually want to make money n shit.

On running away from school

Not that I actually would, but damn, it was tempting at Laguna. The sun, the people, the fun, the racing, the lucky VIP access, the whole shebang. I wasn’t even mad (until Sunday night, really) that I didn’t have a Red Bull VIP pass. I thought “sheeeit, who needs Burning Man?” I’m sure MotoGP fulfills the same need for solidarity within a subculture, and it’s actually held in a climate designed to support life. I hate the desert. At least Black Rock City is temporary. Cities built in deserts with no real water source are scary as all hell.

But enough about that. Today I ran out of the Statistics test crying. Sobbed uncontrollably because I don’t even know where to begin with that shit and the teacher is too educated to explain it to a Liberal Arts grad. But I arranged for a tutor, so that should help. I’m buying “Statistics for Dummies” tomorrow to get a start. I can look at this as just a more intellectually challenging version of what happened in fashion school.

When I started, I was like all the rest of the fashion students. “Why do we need to know this patternmaking shit? We’re gonna hire people to do this!!!” I hated it, it was boring and tedious and entirely too quantitative. But then once we got the basics down, turns out I was really good at it. So good I got paid to do it for the last 14 years. Now stat is a lot harder to learn than patternmaking, but I’m going to hold onto this idea. Besides, I kick ass in Accounting and Finance, my other 2 classes this summer!

Oh, and in other news, I rode home in pouring rain and didn’t die. Didn’t even slide even a tiny little bit, and I’m on tires that are seriously not designed for rain. It was interesting. There’s this weenie in my building that considers himself a biker because he has a motorcycle parked on his patio. He pops up entirely too often and gives me shit about riding when it’s too hot, or might rain, etc. I laughed and told him it was only 30% chance, but next time he comes out with one of his retarded comments I may just have to say “If you hate riding so much, why not sell your bike?” I mean really. Most weenies have enough ego to keep it to themselves.

Here’s Laura (Rossi’s PR rep) telling me some unspeakable truth about Rossi…

don’t feel like writing much these days…

But here goes. It’s been a busy, action-packed month, what with all the information overload of driving cross country, then being in a new place and starting school and all. I really enjoyed being on the road, the immediacy of it all. As much as I LOVE sitting on my sofa with my cat, my laptop and my tv, I sure enjoyed packing so many new experiences into so short a trip. It was interesting, I was so engrossed in the present, I stopped having memories for awhile. I even started having serious short-term memory problems. I missed my memories, but with nothing familiar to trigger them, they were gone for a spell.

Then once I got a little bit settled in here, into the routine of school, they started to come back a little. A teacher mentioned magazine subcriptions as part of an accounting problem and I got this great flashback to the newstand on Cahuenga/ Hollywood. That was nice. Remembering looking at Urban Biker and French Vogue at 1:00 am after being out dancing, or on the way from one club to another….

I kinda feel like I don’t have anything particularly interesting to say, school is good, not too hard, which is such a relief. Met a girl last night who used to work for Dow Jones (Wall St. Journal, etc.) and we had an exciting discussion about how horrified we were at the thought of Murdoch buying them out. The last thing this world needs is for that lunatic to control our financial and business media as well. Absolutely terrifying.

Other memories that have resurfaced are more handy, like the stuff I need to know for accounting and finance classes. One of my Fellow Future Captains of Industry (tm;-) remarked that he thought I had been an accountant because I always had such good questions and seemed to really know wassup. Nah, I just sit in the front and ask lots of questions. But I’m glad I took all those finance classes at Antioch and the Math for Mgmt. class at UCLA ext. Sure made this easier, even though it just disappears from my brain if I spend too much time away from it.

Now I’m getting ready for next weekend, Laguna Seca! Packing a bunch of clothes I really don’t need here but can’t live without to store at the parents’. Also schoolwork, plus the paper I’m co-authoring with a former teacher, then gotta deal with my 4 children at the DMV, find a nicer place to live, and well, stop flirting with married men. It seems everyone over 18 in this god-forsaken town is married. Currently, anyway. 50% end in divorce, right? And I’m kind of developing this overpowering desire to learn Portugese and maybe do my summer internship in Brazil…They do have Portugese for Business classes here, after all.

more photos here:

Oh yeahhhh!!! It’s ON!!!

I am so into the whole UNC/Duke rivalry thing. I love it! Here’s an amusing little video about it, based on the mac ads……

I’m a Duke, I’m a UNC (MBA)The most amazing videos are a click away

OK, the Drama continues….

Woohoo!!!! I am so happy to still be in the running for UNC!!! C’mon North Carolina! Not only am I excited about the opportunity to go to such a prestigious school, but the real estate there is practically free. I could actually MAKE money by paying cash for a $100k 3 bedroom townhouse and bringing in a couple roommates. Ideally fellow MBA students who won’t mind helping me figure out my math homework in exchange for which I’d help them with their writing assignments. And still have a lot leftover to start up a company or put as a down pymt on a place somewhere else.

Dear Susanna:

The MBA Admissions Committee at The University of North Carolina’s Kenan-Flagler Business School has placed you on the waiting list for the class entering August 2007. There were many highly qualified applicants in the pool, and we were unable to admit immediately many excellent candidates.

Your candidacy is important to us, and we would like to consider your application again in the next admission round. Decisions for that round will be issued on March 12, 2007.

You may elect to stay on the waiting list for further consideration, or you may withdraw your candidacy. Please let us know your preference by sending an email to Sharon…

We cannot predict the number of waitlisted applicants that will be admitted, but we expect to admit a significant number. Last year, eleven percent of the admitted applicants had been previously waitlisted. For more information about the waiting list, please read the enclosed Frequently Asked Questions About the Waiting List.

We appreciate your interest in UNC Kenan-Flagler and look forward to your response.


I HATE waiting!!!! The suspense is killing me!!!!! The “notification deadline” mentioned below is 1/29/2007. 14 days from now. I want to know nowwwwww. I was patient enough for the first two months, but since January began it has been increasingly difficult. Luckily they spell it out in no uncertain terms. “…we ask that you please refrain from contacting us to request an interview.” So I know not to call them up and say “Hey, I think my e-mail’s acting weird, can you send that invitation again? Like on paper?” hehe.

“If you are selected for an interview, you will be notified via email anywhere from 4 weeks after submitting your application up to the notification deadline. We will not begin to interview Round 1 applicants until January.”

Meanwhile, I’ve started a new math class, just for kicks. It’s an MBA math prep course and I’m in love with the teacher. He’s a retired business magnate with a Doctorate in Business Admin, and a very sunny disposition. He says that if you think math is hard, it’s just that you didn’t have a good teacher. I always wondered if that was the reason I only understood Algebra with that teacher I had while hospitalized in high school. I though maybe it was some weird brain chemistry shift, considering all the changes I was going through in there. But no, it must have been the teacher.

Let’s just hope that Mr. Hong can break through that wall of resistance I keep banging my head on every time I look at quadratic equations. Because if I have to be hospitalized in order to understand this stuff, perhaps I’m meant to be doing something else. Like selling the condo, loading up the 4Runner and roaming Africa….

…with my laptop, my malaria pills and my fucking hand sanitizer….to quote Leonardo di Caprio in “Blood Diamond” He was insulting a writer, accusing her of being “one of those UNICEF people, trying to save the world” and damn if he didn’t nail it. In Tanzania, my cohorts and I all had our malaria pills, hand sanitizer, (toilet paper) and some of us even brought our laptops.

In other news, I’m beyond obsessed with Dr. Who. Like to the point where people might worry about me. I’ve seen “The Girl in the Fireplace” episode 3 times now. 2 were within 24 hours apart. I want to make a movie of what happens when Madame de Pompadour joins him to travel the universe, building and decorating her way through a million galaxies, while they live madly, passionately in love…