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The genius of Alexander McQueen

How will we survive without the talent that came up with Steampunk Ballerina stiletto platforms??? Oh, and metallic, too. absolute genius. I have found a kindred spirit and very, very bad influence in this teenage boy, Allanté Cathé. He blogs about shoes. Not just any shoes, but the sorts of shoes I live for.

New YSL Stillettos!

New YSL Stillettos!, originally uploaded by pinkyracer.

OK, so roughly 13 months after I first realized I couldn’t live without these shoes, I wound up buying them. Talk about restraint. No, they weren’t on sale. This style is too timeless, unfortunately. They repeated it this season, in a better texture (patent faux alligator) and well, I couldn’t resist Le Dianna’s evil influence and flattery. She refused to let me leave the store without buying them. At full price. While the dollar is weaker than it’s been in recent months. So wrong. But you see, the French economy needs my help.

Quel crise. 😉 But they’re gorgeous and someday I might even be able to walk in them. Or at least be carried around on a divan by 4 strapping hunks…. The ankle/foot is taking forever to get to 100% because I refuse to slow down. I’m walking slow, but walking like hours and hours through the fabulous streets of Paris. Life is too short to let opportunities pass me by. When I’m huddled in my parent’s basement brewing up my business or busting my ass working long hours at my fabulous new job that actually challenges me to think hard, I can recall these days of roaming & consuming as a wonderful last big hurrah. Imagine that, being paid to think for a living instead of just being paid to draw lines on paper. I can’t wait.

So I have essentially begun my life as a nomad, since finishing school in March, and it’s about to become even more nomadic as Thursday will be my last day with a home base in Barcelona. My home is where I make it. Or, materialist that I am, my home is in a storage unit in Durham, NC. Or, my home is where I’m from, since that’s where I’m headed unless I start doing some serious hustlin’.

omg! Shoes. and debt economics

these are the most gorgeous sensible shoes I’ve ever seen. Look at that low, sensible heel! Lucky for me, they’re out of my size.

in real estate news (some of you may recall I made a commitment to write about real estate more often, to counter the potent lure of designer shoes.) well, let’s see. prices are plummeting! even in cities I want to live in! I think if I can just keep my FICO score up and get a decent salary at a full-time job, I might even be able to buy me a nice place to live next summer. The only debt I have right now is my 1% car loan (astronomical in today’s market, I know, but how does one refi a car loan without buying a new car?), and my ridiculously high 8% student loans.

The car’s almost paid off, but the student loans are pissing me off because, hey! I’m doing my part to get the US out of this ditch by becoming a high value-added employee who will help some lucky US company find ways to make more money, responsibly.

So why is my federal student loan locked in at this ridiculous rate, yet I can waste money on short term economic stimuli like cars and junk at only 0%?

movin’ along

Well. my lil’ ol’ life just doesn’t seem that interesting after all the excitement and drama of that historic election. plus I’ve been posting elsewhere. I am a regular at and have really gotten into sharing interesting articles with all my friends on facebook, along with my pithy comments about the articles. So I have less time for this free-form forum.

I’m getting ready for the big move, found a great moving & storage company- I was trying to find a super-secure storage place, as the one near my home looks like it may be home to the gypsies who beg for spare change at the corner. Trosa is an awesome organization that helps addicts and alcoholics recover, and gives them jobs. So instead of their insurance company paying for their rehab, they pay it off in trade. They have a reputation for being the best, most professional people to work with.

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MUST!!! THINK!!! OF!!! Real Estate!!!

Home! I need a home! For real. home is so much more important than these shoes. but is it really? I mean really really? Of course it is! Oh, how I yearn for the smell of wood burning in the fireplace, the joy of gutting and redecorating, the bliss of floating face up in the pool alone under a starry night. Arrrgh. If only I knew what city I was going to live in, It would be so much easier to resist these fleeting temptations. Especially considering my #1 choice is getting cheaper by the minute. I’ll be able to buy all of Silver Lake by the time I graduate if this keeps up. LA, baby, LA. NYC is much better to visit while LA is much better to live in. I have my city choices narrowed down and prioritized, but I need to get on some things first to make sure I get the job I want, which will of course determine where I must live. And of course wherever it is it will be a place I can ride to work in these boots, and all the other shoes worth blogging about.


I realized, after buying the Dior shoes (below, at 40% off, of course), that I’ve bought every pair of shoes I blogged about & really wanted. So all but the purple boots.

Because each pair chips away at the down payment on my condo, and because I suspect there may be something deeper happening here, I’ve decided I should start blogging about real estate. This should help me keep my eyes on the prize…

Two very good reasons to go to bed so I can get up early and go to work and kick ass so I can keep makin’ money…


How could I have neglected to write about these shoes? I have them as an item on my to-do list- as in: find them on sale. Somewhere on this planet they are for sale at a reduced price, or about to be. God, I hope so. Watch they were in South Africa and I just couldn’t be bothered to go into the Dior boutique. Doh!


update: found! on sale, of course. 🙂

Summer Job, and a weekend in NYC

So it looks like I won’t have to roam the wilds of Sub-Saharan Africa all summer on my vibrating wedgie, I mean, my Husqvarna. I’ve taken a job as a sustainability consultant at a local enterprise. This will save me a ton of money, in moving expenses and rent and possibly help me win the big jackpot of in-state tuition. It means I can’t dally in South Africa like I wanted to, but we’ll wrap up 3 weeks before school starts, so that’s August somewhere fun and exotic.

I went to NYC this weekend and tortured myself by not bringing any flat shoes. I’m pissed that my feet have gone all soft and lost the callouses I spent years forming. the balls of my feet hurt so much I had to stop and get a foot massage in Chinatown. In my search for a pair of comfortable shoes that I’d be caught dead in on the streets of NYC, I got dragged into the shop of a designer I don’t like, and wound up leaving with a very sassy pair of patent leather headmistress-with-a-whip schoolmarm shoes. They’re so vicious. And were actually more comfortable than my everyday Patsy Cline booties, at least for the first mile. Then they conspired to cripple me. I started to think back to all the sprained ankles I had my first year in college, walking all over London in goth girl stillettos after driving everywhere in high school. I think it may have had something to with trying to find ways to tolerate the pressure on the balls of my feet and thus contorting my ankles into walking in ways they’d never intended.

Best Susanna moment of the weekend (admittedly, this was before coffee or breakfast): There I was on the corner of Elizabeth and Spring, looking up at the billboard on a building I’ve long been intrigued by. Hmmm, $6,7abunchafreakin’zeros.. Wow, that’s actually in my post-MBA salary range of affordability. wow. here in Nolita? and they’re only dividing up that giant building into 3 units? wait a minute, something’s not right here. A building in Nolita. 3 giant condos. in my price range? Oh wait. That’s $6.7million, not $670,000. Jeesh, what’s one zero? I’m sure the developer would be more than happy to drop a lil’ ol zero for me!

But the real story is: I got to see the most awesomest version of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof ever!!! Forget about Terence Howard, it’s all about Anika Noni Rose who kicked ass as Maggie, the star of the show. James Earl Jones and Phylicia Rashad were excellent too.


Finally, the truth comes out! High heels are good for your health, as I’ve known all along.

Yet another pair of nice, sensible boots from Petit Peton that I simply must have…

Just what my mentor has been trying to tell me all these years…

I got this from Consumerist, an awesome blog whose RSS I subscribe to.

Apparently shopping only leads to more shopping, not happiness as I’ve always thought. Except in the case of certain shoes. Or a really good sample sale. Or a brand-new, kick-ass bike. Or shopping for a home, that can be nice, in a big-picture kinda way. But I see their point, anyway, even though it’s just from Stanford GSB.

Like, Whatever.