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No, it’s not a new sport, but it’s new to me. I love it, and the people who do it, because they enabled me to watch the Tarheels v Duke game that CBS tried to keep the rest of the world from watching. Protectionist assholes. Dumbass announcer even said at one point "This is the greatest rivalry in all sports!" Yeah, and that’s why we can’t even watch it in Barcelona, where -ahem- exists the greatest rivalry in all of Europe, in a sport watched by more people the world over than basketball.

This has been a very sporty weekend for me. I got to go to my first ever Barca (that’s FC Barcelona, the greatest soccer team in the world) game and I got to watch the awesome game against Duke. The Barca game was fun, especially because the stadium is alcohol-free, so everyone was quite well-behaved. But then, I’ve been out with drunk Spaniards before, and they’re well-behaved drunk too.

my secret crush

coach in a box 2, originally uploaded by pinkyracer.

yes, I have a charming boyfriend. And Spanish men really don’t do it for me. But I love coach Guardiola. Not only is he handsome and dapper, with suits cut so very well, but his passion for the game is unmatched by his opponents. In the few games I’ve seen, anyway.

I also love him because he itches to run beyond the confines of his box, to get into the game and really show his boys how it’s done. He seems like such a control freak, it’s awesome.

I could never have a job where I was told “OK, you need to manage those people over there, while they’re working. But you can NEVER go beyond this dotted line.” It would drive me insane.