Writer’s Block

Nothing worse than shutting yourself in, avoiding all social engagements and other distractions for the sake of finishing at least one of the 5 papers due, only to find yourself unable to write a damn thing. I am totally uninspired, and it’s saturday, so all the usual quiet cafes will be too noisy and crowded. Almost throttled some tourist at Coffee Table yesterday because she didn’t realize that the entire restaurant didn’t want to hear about her fucking trip to Disneyland. I can’t stand procrastination. I hated it in my employer, and hate it just as much even though this only affects me. Now is the time to stop thinking that my entire future depends on these 5 papers being done on time and remember that I can always take some workshops next quarter and still graduate in time. Perhaps that will make it easier to work.

I tried the mind trick of letting go of anger about how people drive, and it actually kinda worked. I didn’t get nearly as mad as usual, so I’ll keep trying it.


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