One down, Four to go…

Finished my paper on Democracy. Basically just talked about some articles I’d recently read, showing how we’ve kinda run full circle back to a form of tyranny not unlike the tyranny we escaped from 230 years ago. I was very happy to see that both Time and Harper’s magazines had articles asking the American public what I’ve been wondering for a few years now. Why don’t we just impeach the brat? And his trigger-happy sidekick, while we’re at it? Jeesh. How much more are people willing to put up with?

In other news, the sun is out so I get to ride to Santa Monica instead of taking the cage. Like most SoCal riders, I’m deathly allergic to rain, and convinced that my bike will melt if I take it out in the rain. I used to know how to ride in the rain, hell, I even used to race in the rain, but not anymore.

Survived a rare trip to Costco yesterday. While they didn’t have what I actually wanted, I did pick up a lifetime supply of cotton makeup pads and kiwis. Made Heather drive, even the shopping cart. We almost gave in to the temptation to look at people’s pix. It’s so tempting, they’re all there, and no one would know. When we were ready to, there were a bunch of people looking at pix, probably not their own, either. In any case, judging by how little I enjoy looking at Costco customers, I doubt I’d enjoy looking at their pictures.

Arrived home to see my bulk order of grain-sweetened organic chocolate chips had arrived. Because I went through the 10lb. order pretty fast, I decided to splurge and buy 25lbs. of pure chocolate heaven all at once. Should last me about a month…


  1. bleh
    Got an invite to a discussion Thurs night that Harper’s put together based on the recent impeachment article. Will probably go, but it’s one of those midtown things at 8 and I’ll finish work in Soho at 7. It will be a mad dash. Am I up for it? Who knows. I want to hear a lot more about this chocolate, girl. I want you to send me a sample!


    • Re: bleh
      Of course you’re up for it! I’m tempted to fly out there just to attend that discussion! The chocolate is from, and it is delicioso!!!


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