Somebody Else’s Problem Field

Remember these from “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe”? It’s a sort of electronic device that generates the idea that the object it is hiding is just “somebody else’s problem.” Well, I’m gonna make some and sell them to the freakin’ CHP. Car crashes are absolutely nobody’s business but the people involved, yet people just can’t drive by a crash without looking, no matter how big the separator on the freeway.

So I figure it’s time we started giving these sheep the impression that it’s really nothing worth looking at. Some kind of opaque hologram of smoothly moving traffic would be adequate. Just stick it on the divider so people who have no business slowing down WON’T! I’d get one for my bike too, so I could just park it anywhere without worrying about tickets or theft.

People were moving so slow and the wreck was so unusual I actually broke my Golden Rule and looked. A truckload of brown glass bottles had overturned, spewing glass all over I-5. I hope it still makes it to the recycling plant.


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