Took the Plunge…

For many excellent reasons, including having money burning a hole in my brokerage account, I splurged. I can’t beleive I just spent $2700 on a bed. They say it will make me wake up all chipper and refreshed. (If a bed can actually turn ME into a morning person, there is a God.) They say I’ll feel like a million bucks. It kinda felt like all that for the 5 minutes I spent laying on it in the store. I even tried out the cheap substitutes, but as a princess, well, I could feel the pea in there.

Cheap memory foam is like my brain after one of my big concussions. Slow to recover.

Then there’s the problem of being 6′ tall in a full-size antique bed (with a saggy old mattress). It’ll be nice to have a bed big enough to get lost in, now that I have a bedroom big enough for a real bed. And, as a native Californian, it only makes sense that I sleep in a California King. I’m a firm beleiver in making room in one’s life for what/whom one desires. And a 53″x74″ bed just ain’t big enough for all that.

Well, Happy Birthday to me! A little early, but I just couldn’t live another minute…although now I get to wait 7-21 days for delivery. With that kind of delayed gratification, delivery should be free. It’s so decadent it’s hard not to feel a little bit guilty. But I’m sure I’ll sleep easy on it, even when I’m broke.



  1. When is your birthday?
    Alright, you got me to look at your blog – now when is your birthday??You look pretty hot in those shoes btw….Lisa


  2. $2700? That just might cover two nights for a hotel at a MotoGP weekend at Laguna Seca! (BTW, I dreamt that Valentino was my boyfriend. He was very nice to me. Wish I could’ve sent him your way and asked for Bayliss…)


    • Of course it’s you! Who else would trade Rossi for Bayliss?!?!?! Blech! 🙂 And I already got my $200 a night room reserved at a swanky hotel, through I feel so lucky.


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