Cautiously Optimistic…

Got this e-mail from school yesterday. I am happy because this means that if my irrational fears come true (that they’ll tell me my prior learning papers are not good enough), then I can show them this proof that they told me I get to walk the walk. Woohoo! I guess I better start looking for work, Ms. Sallie Mae’s gonna be knockin’ on the door real soon. I think I’m not as excited as one should be because it’s not the big goal, but rather a tool I needed in order to prepare me for the big goal. So now that I have a BA, I can take the rest of the necessary steps to apply for a socially responsible MBA at Berkeley or UNC. Especially in today’s job market, where a liberal arts BA is only slightly more advantageous than a high school diploma.

Dear Potential Commencement Participant:

According to our records you are eligible to participate in the 2006
Commencement ceremony. If you have not yet received a Commencement
Registration Packet, please request one by replying to this email.

Thank you,

The 2006 Commencement Committee


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