Another Day in Paradise…

Nothing is more exhilirating, fulfilling, magnificent and AWESOME than a track day at Laguna Seca on a perfect day. Wow. This was the best track day I’ve experienced in ages. It was so great, it even brought out the racer in me. Normally I am painfully slow, and slow down even more as people pass me. Today the fire was in me, and I fought hard to stay ahead of others, and was able to. My Pirelli Dragon Corsas stuck like glue, begging me to lean a little more. They inspired such confidence that I actually tried real hard to lean further, and could feel my kneepucks tickling the pavement in some turns. It was a far more pleasant introduction to kneedragging than the last time I did it, when the clapped-out suspension on my 250 combined with some major bumps at Willow Springs to create some rather jarring contact.

As the song says: “This is the only time I really feel alive…”

Laguna Seca is my favorite track, it was so great to be there again, and enjoying it so much. I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday gift! It was especially nice thinking that Valentino himself had laid rubber on the very same surface that I did…sigh…Only 121 days until he comes back and graces us with his glorious talent! Here’s my baby all suited up for the fun!

I need to do more track days at tracks that Rossi has laid rubber on, to see if that’s the reason I was sooo much faster than usual… Here’s an action shot from



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