Like a Cat Staring at Fish…

Trying to figure out how to get the fish out of the water and into her mouth without getting wet…

Just about sums up my fascination with the Ice Hotel in Sweden. It is soooo pretty, and so special. And really, on TV, it doesn’t look as cold as all that. But for a girl who couldn’t even tolerate NYC winters, I just don’t think it’s the ideal vacation spot. But I simply MUST see it! Especially before the entire polar ice cap melts, putting an end to ice hotels in general. I just wish it wasn’t so darn cold. There used to be a Swedish ice racing school, and well, if I could go tear up the ice on a Hayabusa, that would make it the best vacation ever. in a cold place, that is.

At least they have a normal hotel nearby, where wusses like me can sleep. Besides, the bar is the main feature of the ice hotel, and even the G-rated Discovery channel documentary made reference to the necessity of strong drink for maintaining warmth. So that simply won’t work for me, I’ll have to find some other way to keep warm. Those heavy blankets they had the guests wearing in the bar didn’t look warm enough. I’d prolly strap a bike battery to an electric jacket and chaps, and walk around in that, melting everything I come in contact with! Plus I’ve always wanted to see the Aurora Borealis, so it’s on the list…



  1. I have
    the same dilemma. It’s so beautiful, but I fear I wouldn’t be able to leave the airport when I figured out how cold it was out there.


  2. You’ll be fine
    The reason cold is better than heat is this: You can always put on enough clothes to be comfortable, regardless of how cold it is. Consider space suits as the unltimate proof. But if it gets hotter, you can really only get so naked, and then you have to suffer.
    Once you’re properly dressed, there is really no problem, unless you go to really extreme temperatures, such as -30, since you’ll have to expose parts of your face to breathe.
    If you wear your regular California outfit, you will frequently freeze even here. That just means those clothes are not made for cold, not that cold weather has to be unbearable.
    I’m sure they keep the hotel temperature just below freezing, which means it’s not really cold at all. You can sleep fine with the right amount of blankets etc.


    • Re: You’ll be fine
      yes, but what if I find it unbearable to be clothed? Some of us prefer to be half naked and sweating, you know. Which is why I’m enjoying Tanzanian winter so much!


      • Re: You’ll be fine
        I think you will find both the heat, sweating and nakedness of a Swedish sauna hard to beat.


      • Re: You’ll be fine
        Aaah, Lars! Thanks for the signature! Of course to a native, it’s not as cold as all that, but I am not a Swede like you, only in spirit…. Glad to hear from you!


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