For those of you who have been wondering, here’s where I’ll be over the next 6 weeks…

April 12-16 Atlanta. Presenting my paper, “The Interstitial Nature of Motorcycling in Los Angeles” at the Popular Culture Association conference. The paper will be in the next issue of this online journal:

April 19-23 Paris, France. I’ll be catching up with my cousin, hoping the protesters will have calmed down by then. Coming from a country (most countries in the world, actually) where NOBODY has job security, it’s hard to feel sympathetic for them.

April 24-May 26 Arusha, Tanzania. Teaching HIV prevention and treatment with and meeting loads of fascinating people, staying in a hostel the first week, then with a Tanzanian family for the next 3 weeks.

May 26-27 Paris (Hilton) for a day. hehehe.

May 27-June 1 NYC. Chillin’ with tha homies.

June 1: Back to LA. Time to start making money after a wonderful year and a half of the scholarly life…



  1. HIV Prevention
    Oh yeah, and don’t forget to push W’s “abstinance” strategy — seemns to be really effective (ha, what a jerk). We’ll miss you Suz! -Janet


    • Re: HIV Prevention
      Thanks! Yep, well, when the dope got “re-elected” I knew I had to start doing something to counter his horrendously damaging messages about sexuality and birth control. So I do what I can.


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