The lovely South…

So my first academic conference is going well. It’s weird, moving in this adult world, but at the same time it’s fun to have people other than my teachers to talk about things like why The Matrix and Plato’s Allegory of the Cave are alike. Bike night here is a trip, they have harleys and sportbikes intermingled, parking amongst each other like old friends! Not like in LA, where a harley at bike night is a shocking disturbance, and the cruisers and sportbikes park on opposite ends of the lot at the Rock Store. I guess desegregation just matters more to Southerners?

So far I’ve seen presentations on: Parody for the Pulbic Sphere: The Daily Show’s Narrative on Democracy Inaction, The Pursuit of Post-colonial terror: Shifting representation of the Other in Battlestar Gallactica, Subjectivities under the black light: Gender, Power and Desire in two exotic dance clubs, Riding Bitch and the Riding Crop, among others. I’m hoping to spend more time exploring Atlanta, as well. Now it’s off to “Motorcycle Leathers and the Construction of Masculine Identities among Homosexual Men.”



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