Busy stuffing some food in my face after a day of flying, but made it home much more peacefully this time. Which proves that either the crew on American are way nicer than those on America West, or that people are just nicer to me when I don’t dress like a thug. At the conference, my presentation was probably well-received, although it’s hard to tell. I was seriously upstaged by the fabulous professional moto-journalist, Mark Gardiner, who read excerpts from his forthcoming book on his experience racing the Isle of Man TT. He left the entire room desperate for more, I can’t wait until it’s published. This is the same guy about whom the documentary “One Man’s Island” was made, just the description of which made me want to follow in his footsteps. I’m fast on the IOM video game! But I’d probably just be a speed bump on the real deal. Yet, I have scared fellow racers with my high-speed street riding, so maybe the fact that it’s on public roads will make me faster. Or maybe I’m only fast when squeezing between undulating taxis in Manhattan. Anyway, it’s on the list. Much higher on the list than the ice hotel, of course.

I’m really bummed that there was no racing this weekend. I’ll be pretty far from TV’s and sports bars for the next few weeks, so I may have to ask my roommate to fedex me some dvd’s of races I’ll be missing. Didn’t get much sleep last night, but it was quite an adventure. Mark and I discovered that we both used to race (sometimes even each other) at Loudon, so we had fun reminiscing about the old place, and getting lost in the Georgia (or was it Alabama?) woods on a wild goose chase. Saw more of Atlanta than we would have if we’d just done the normal thing and gone to a movie. I really like Atlanta, especially when I tell one of the locals how much I admire the lovely HOMES in Little 5 Points (the cool neighborhood) and she says “OH! They’re sooooo expensive!!! They start at about $500,000!!!” Hahaha. I’d trade up my 2br condo for a gorgeous house in a bucolic neighborhood much like Silverlake, without having to spend a dime. It’s amazing how much cheaper it is to live just about anywhere other than California.

Led Astray…

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