J’adore Paris dans la Printemps….

Due to the combined miracles of jet airplane technology and the internet, I bring this blog entry to you from the place where people think a job is forever. I guess the french just have a lot of romantic notions in general. didn’t sleep on the planes, so I’m kinda retarded right now. But loving the opportunity to speak french again. Mark was so fabulous, he met me at the airport in Dallas, which happens to have a very chi-chi hotel lobby restaurant right outside my departing gate. So we had a lovely time during my all-too-brief 2 hour layover, chatting and eating, until it was time, and well, I cut it a bit close, hearing them announce final call for my flight as I passed security. So I ran to the gate, arriving just in the nick of time. It’s so fun using wifi in Paris. Last time I was here it was all about minitel!!! The internet hadn’t even been invented by ____(was it Al Gore? I forget which politician tried to claim that).

There will eventually be some pix, but I’m not feeling like it just yet. I’m greiving over the fact that I can’t use my phone to e-mail pix to my buzznet account. techno-junkie, that’s what I am. So, anyone know of any cool arty stuff that might be going on here this weekend? Aside from the usual permanent collections, which I’ve seen.


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