Au revoir, Paris

The last day in Paris was a whirlwind. I even had trouble keeping up with myself. I dragged my tired ass from Chatelet to Bastille and back to Marais, shopping till I damn near dropped. Then hopped on the metro to Avenue Montaigne for a little dream fulfillment. Bought the fancy silk stockings Prada featured in their recent ad campaign, that the vendeuse at the Rodeo Drive store had said were completely out of stock, worldwide. Humph! I said to myself. I’m sure they exist somewhere in Paris. Et Voila! Now all I have to do is keep them away from my scuffed-up mitts. I’ll have to wear gloves to put them on.

Finally broke down and bought a real Louis Vuitton purse. Yes, I know, it’s awfully mainstream of me, and it’s not the exact shape that I wanted, but it is pink patent leather. And it was much cheaper than it would have been in LA, which is funny considering everything else here is ten times more expensive. OK, at least two times. But really folks, 2 euros for a measly condom? That’s just crazy. Not like I was using any on this trip (I’m practicing being a “good girl” for my time in Tanzania), but the same taxi driver (the one with all the girlfriends) pointed out how expensive they are, and I was appalled.

So there’s some pix from Paris, an adorable puppy and a very sweet, friendly kitty, who did not want to let go when I picked her up and held her. She did that cute kitty massage thing that cats do with their front paws when they’re super happy. Vale never does that so it was quite wonderful. Had dinner with Marten, Than and Niel at a very funky and delicious cafe, and now I am considering staying awake until I need to get up to go to the airport. I knew I’d be mad at myself for booking a 7:20 AM flight, but hey, c’est la vie. Still no photos, gotta get to a wifi spot that lets me send e-mail. It might be awhile.


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