Paris, deja.

No problem finding free wifi here, but last night I was too tired to leave the hotel and go to a cafe, so paid $12 for an hour of websurfing in bed. Crazy! Found the COOLEST jewelry store ever, they sell really high-end crystal bling that looks just like the real deal, only bigger! Plus it’s really chi-chi, they treat their customers just as well as any diamond boutique. I only bought a pair of studs, but may have to return for the baguette-cut knuckle duster I’ve always dreamt of…It was so cool, you get buzzed in, and they have these little chairs and low display cases, plus the jewelry even goes home with you in a fancy paper box made to look like a fancy leather box. So fabulous! Just ate the best omelette I can recall eating, and am off to enjoy my last day of Paris shopping. Gotta stock up on things I forgot and/or might not be able to find in Arusha, like kleenex packets for going potty in the woods. Apparently teepee is a luxury there, so the left hand is reserved for that privilege, and not to be used otherwise. I wonder if they beat left-handed children like in other parts of the world? I hope not, cause I only practiced eating with my right hand, I don’t think I’ll be able to write with it!

Visited my cousin and his wife and son in the ‘burbs yesterday, which was neat. They have bunnies. I took a picture of the keyboard on his computer, and will post it here later, as it’s crazy. No QWERTY nonsense, we’re french! To get . you have to shift, and to get @ you have to use another special key. It was so weird. Most of the letters were easy to find, but the Q and A were switched, so I kept getting them mixed up.

It’s only been a few days, and already I desperately miss my bikes. Especially the R1. I saw a guy with a Harley with straight pipes getting a decibel reading from the cops yesterday. Came out at 107db, and they didn’t even rev it much. carefully rolled on to a certain rpm and then clocked it. As much as I hate Harleys, I felt bad for the guy, as I’ve certainly had my share of loud bikes! I’ve seen 4 Goldwings, which I think people chose as daily transport because they’re easier to park than a Smart or other micro car. I can’t imagine why else someone would want such a behemothic bike in Paris.

My friend Flo makes really cool metallic spandex clothing, and was wondering if metallic might be on its way out. I am here to tell you “non!” It is more in than ever. I almost bought a rad, super-disco pair of bronze leggings at Rudolphe Menudier, but they only came in one size (too small!), so it’s on the sewing list for when I return.

Had a spirited argument with an Algerian taxi driver who insisted that fidelity (as discussed in this article: ) is impossible, and therefore not a solution to the AIDS crisis. He insists that every man must have sex with as many women as will permit him, and I told him he was just being too French. It was a fun cab ride, we both agreed that women generally need a reason, whereas men will usually do it anytime, anywhere. I felt sorry for his wife, though. He happily told me how many other women he had, and that he was a very good liar to his wife, when she’d ask him if he was faithful. I also felt bad for the other women, as he said that each one only made him love his wife even more. I forgot to ask him how he’d react if he knew she were doing the same.

OK, time go enjoy the city!


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