Sunday…Church my way…

Instead of accompanying anyone to their church, or going on Safari, I simply stumbled out of bed and wandered to my local tourist hotel, L’Oasis. They have all the requisite sports channels from South Africa, and this time I checked the schedule first. So I got to see the 250GP and MotoGP…in damn near hi-def, LIVE and commercial-free!!! w/ more pre & post-race commentary than imaginable! That’s it, I’m moving here. Sorry mom, dad, but unless you can talk Speed Channel into airing MotoGP as beautifully as S2 does, and commercial free, I just may have to remain here. Well, I guess I could settle for a MotoGP subscription, so I can watch it on my computer. But I don’t think it’s as good. For the benefit of my friends who can’t watch the race until tomorrow, I’ll keep my trap shut. But damn, it’s not easy!


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